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3D plates and 4D Plates

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3D Plates

View our range of 3D Gel Plates

Lazer Cut 4D Plates For Cars and Custom Number Plates

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Top Quality Number Plates And Plate Maker

If there is a laser cut number plate image which you require but do not see on the Plate Builder then again fear not. Simply give us a call / WhatsApp, if we don’t stock it, we can get it. JUST ASK! ‘’ – Order Now – 01204896024

FAST Turnaround On All 3D and 4D plates

We always aim to provide the best quality product for your Pride and Joy with quick turnaround. Order Now – 01204896024

FAST Delivery Guaranteed

Standard Plates, private plate, Motor Bike Plates or Custom Number Plates,  Show Plate Sizes Available! Get next day delivery on laser cut plates, and all other number plates! Order Now – 01204896024

Our Promise on Custom Plates and Exclusive Registrations 4d Plates

Widest Selection Of Plates

Recognised seller of DVLA Number Plates in accordance with the requirements of our clients. Such as our gel plates selection. We are a registered trade mark company and provide the best current style plates.

Same Day Dispatch

When it comes to an urgent delivery requirement, we are a number plate supplier that will dispatch your 3D plates or 4D plates on the same day to your address, if ordered before 1 pm.

Next Day Delivery On Number Plates

We can provide Next Day Recorded delivery to your address so that you can have your Number Plate as soon as possible. Please mention this as this will be an additional charge. Also to Confirm please call 01204896024

High Quality Guaranteed On All Road Legal Number Plates

We can guarantee you the highest of quality when it comes to 3D and 4D number plates. All our road legal number plates, such as show plates are 100% road legal. You can also use our plate maker service.

Motorbike Plates

When it comes to motorbike number plates, we make the best plate that compliments your motorcycle both in terms of beauty and design.

Great Service

We will always go to extreme lengths to ensure to you receive great service and satisfaction.

The UK’s Number 1 Seller Of Number Plates

We use our very own number plate maker to provide you with the very best in custom plates.

Our ordering process is simple;

  1. Search for your plates on our website. Don’t see one you like? No problem, speak to our team about our plate maker.
  2. Choose your design, for example, a custom gel number plate or 4d plate.
  3. Place the order.
  4. Get next day delivery.
  5. Make your car stand out on the road!

We specialise in making your car unique, and there’s no reason our customers stay with our designs. From the Mercedes A-Class, to a BMW 3 Series, we know how to make your car look different from all the rest!

View our range here;

Plates for cars – Show plates – Motorbike plates – Cherished plates – Private plates – Replacement number plates – Premium number plates – Trailer number plates – Range rover plates – Stick on plates – Carbon number platesGel resin platesTinted number plates

Number Plate Maker For Exclusive Number Plates

Looking for an exclusive custom number plate builder or DVLA personalised registrations?

At Numberplateclinic, you can build a custom number plate that matches perfectly with your car. And is road legal.

Our custom number plate maker allows you to customise your plates with plenty of designs to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a seller of HD plates?

Yes, we provide the best HD plates online. All of your HD plates are fully customisable.

Are 3d plates legal in the UK?

Yes, 3D plates are 100% road legal in the UK. The official DVLA website’s rules claim: The 4D plate backing must be made from reflective material.

Do you sell cherished plates?

Yes, we do sell cherished plates. You can order private number plates from our friendly team. We offer a fast delivery service on all our Cherished plates.

What are 4D number plates?

These are the latest trend in number plate text styles. We create unique 4D laser cut plates to offer you any plate design that you require. Our bespoke number plates can be designed to your specification. We have a range of custom neon and 4D gel plates. You can choose what colour you want. Then we can create some really unique effects for you.

Are 4D number plates legal in the UK?

Yes, the DVLA has stated that 4D plates are road legal in the UK.

How much are 4D number plates?

We try to offer a competitive price on all our plates. The 4D plate cost ranges from £45.00 and upwards. The price all depends on the style you want for your car plates. For example, the borders and materials you want to use. We also have discount offers on throughout the year.

Can I buy 4D car plates online?

Yes, of course, you can buy any of 4D show plates online. You can choose your style, size, and colour. Then, we will deliver it to your address within 48 hours. We offer fast delivery on all our online sales.

What’s the difference between 3D plates and 4d number plates?

There is not much difference between 3D and 4D plates. A 4D gel number plate is actually a raised style of the 3D number plate.

Why buy your 4d plates from Number Plate Clinic?

  • Quality standard materials and service
  • Best UK Customer Service
  • Premium laser cutting equipment
  • Next day delivery available
  • Professional adhesive backing

Want more useful information?

Gone are the days when you had to stay happy with the conventional 2D letters number plates. Today’s world is more prominent, and it is the 4-dimensional world. You got it right. The 4D-letter plate is the new attraction in the vehicle’s world. People, nowadays, are choosing 3D and 4D letter-number plate due to multiple reasons.

Before knowing the reasons behind the popularity of 4D letter number plates, let us learn what 4D letter-number plate is.

What is the 4D letter numberplate?

We are all familiar with the term 3D. The 4D letter-number plate is the raised for of 3D gel number plate. They don’t have any scientific definition. They enhance the beauty of the 3D gel number plates. You can relate the term with 4D movies that can move and vibrate. However, 4D letter number plates do not vibrate unless you rattle your car too much.

Benefits of buying 4D gel number plates

Now the question is, why should you buy a 4D gel number plate? 4D gel number plates can be the perfect choice for you if you.

  1. Love to go with the trend:

With the constantly upgrading technology, everything is getting upgraded. And, today’s trend is the 3D and 4D gel number plates, that standout your vehicle. So, if you love to stay up-to-date with the latest trend, don’t forget to buy 4D letter number plates.

  1. Want everything fashionable:

4D letter number plates are for the fashion freak. If you love to be fashionable and show off your class, changing the interior of your car is not everything. You have to take special care of the exterior design of the car. And for that, you don’t need to spend a lot. Just buy 4D gel number plates and stay fashionable.

  1. Prefer to be legal:

The best part about the 4D gel number plate is, they are legal. That means, now you can show off your style on road without violating the road traffic rules. What do you want to more?

Buying a 4D gel number plate from a popular online shop is a must if you want to enjoy the best. To learn more, count on us today.

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