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3D Gel or 4D Laser Cut Acrylic Number Plates in Motherwell

Style your vehicle number plate with our 3D or 4D variations, the only place in Motherwell !

Wanting to style your vehicle up with the latest car modification trends? Look no further. A custom styled number plate is the best way to differentiate your vehicle from the rest. Luckily for you, Number Plate Clinic have the widest range of 3D and 4D styles for you to choose from. When it comes to styling and a variety, Number Plate Clinic is the one for you. We offer a pop-in service, or we can post out to you. So if you’re from Motherwell , or even anywhere else. We’ve got you.

3D Gel Number Plates

Number Plate Clinic offer the widest variety of styles and options in the Motherwell  area. Choose from our wide selection of number plates, suited for any vehicle registration. We offer multiple 3d plate styles, such as:


4D Laser Cut Number Plates

Instead of going with the boring 4D Laser Cut Plates, we’ve gone above and beyond. We’ve decided to combine our gel number plate styles with our 4D Black Laser Cut and Crystal Laser Cut. The finish was unreal, and we’re the only people offering this custom plate style in Motherwell .


The laser cut Black 4D that we use is manufactured using high quality industrial grade acrylic with high quality adhesive. Although there are several fakes and copies of our laser cut 4D plates on the market. You can rest assured that Number Plate Clinic also known as Autoworld in Motherwell . Are the only company that can provide you with the real high quality registration plates.


Coloured 4D Car Reg Plates

We are the only supplier of number plates in the Motherwell  area which can provide you with coloured 4D plates. Coloured 4D acrylic is something that is new in the market. This is perfect for those of you with personalised registrations, or even a standard reg plate with a colour scheme to follow on your vehicle. If you have hints of red, we have red 4d, if you have yellow hints, we have yellow 4d. Blue cars, we also offer topaz crystal. We have a wide variety of coloured 4d plates for you to choose from. It’s perfect for those trying to follow a colour scheme on their vehicle, this is the perfect customisation for your car.

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