4D Number plates, what are they?

4D number plates are usually manufactured by being professionally cut by a laser. The material used for the letters is acrylic which gives the number plate a raised effect instead of just been printed onto the reflective product. However, these are now available in a selection of different materials such as gel.

4D number plates appear to be the new generation of plates and are becoming very popular in design. This new method is certainly a way to make your car stand out from others.

Are 4D Plates Legal?

Yes, DVLA have confirmed that ‘3D’ lettering is legal and can be used on number plates for road use. When you purchase your 4D number plates from Number plate clinic, we ensure our lettering and numbers have the correct spacing and text sizing that meet with the British standard for legal number plates, this is where you will see (BS AU 145d) code on the bottom of the number plate.

If your wanting spacing or additional features to your number plate then you will have to purchase a 4D show car number plate, please be aware that these are not for road use and will fail a MOT.

4D Number Plates vs 3D Number Plates

4D number plates are actually just raised versions of the 3D plate, just giving them more depth, the only difference is they are built from laser cut letters that are then attached onto your plate using very strong adhesive. They are designed to create a 3D effect.

Both 3D and 4D plates are popular options for vehicle personalisation that give a more premium appearance. But how different are they really?

3D Plates

  • Appear to be more rounded and raised in shape
  • Have a more wet, gel like look
  • Letters and numbers placed by hand
  • Aligner bar used for correct spacing

4D Plates

  • Give more of bold look and square in shape
  • Use Acrylic letters that are laser cut from acrylic sheets allowing them to be thicker and give more depth
  • Letters and numbers placed by hand
  • Aligner bar used for correct spacing

As you can see from the list there isn’t that much difference between the two plates, it is just more in the way they made which makes them different.

Depending on what look you’re going for to personalise your vehicle, if you want something bold and want to stand out from the crowd then 4D is recommended, however, if you want something a bit unique but something a bit more subtle then the 3D is more for you as its more rounded and gives just enough 3D appearance to make it unique.

When it comes to price there is a difference this is because more material is used, and the 4D use a laser to cut the material. You can be looking at an increase of around 15%.

Both 3D and 4D number plates come in a variety of different styles here is a list below

3D Styles

  • Carbon
  • Gel

4D Styles

  • 4D Gel
  • Carbon 4D Gel
  • 4D 3mm
  • 4D 5mm
  • Krystal 4D
  • Krystal Gel
  • 4D Glitter

Where can I Buy 4D Number Plates?

If you’re looking at purchasing 4D plates then you can buy them from our website on https://www.numberplateclinic.co.uk/product-category/number-plates/4d-plates/

We offer a selective choice for everyone when it comes to finding your perfect 4D numberplate with our number plate designer.

Our number plates are premium standard materials and we use professional laser cutting material. We also use ultra-strength 3m adhesive for peace of mind to keep the characters in place as well as offering next day delivery service if you order before 1 pm and our customer service team are always one call away if you need any help selecting your number plate.

Can I build my own 4D Plates?

Yes, you can build your own plate, however, if you want to build your own plate this is usually under the show plate section where the number plate is not for road use. Some of our 4D plates that you build your own are still road legal but we must follow strict guidelines from the DVLA to ensure these can still be road legal.


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4D Numberplates near me?

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