A Guide To Powder Coating Wheels

A powder coating alloy wheel refurbishment is a better approach than a traditional paint and lacquer finish. Before we go with the reasons, you might choose this finish, let us look at what it actually is.

What is alloy wheel powder coating?

This is a decorative finish where the powder colour is sprayed on the alloy wheels like traditional paint. Alloy wheel powder coating is actually a dry process rather than a liquid one where the coating is heat-treated and the dry powder flows out sticks on the alloy surface and forms a gel over the surface of the wheel. The powder-coated alloy wheel is then lacquered over the top to protect it against UV damage, light scratches, pollution, and wash swirls.

What are the pros and cons of powder-coated alloy wheels?

Alloy wheel powder coating provides a harder and more durable finish, but sometimes powder coated rims got accused of softening the underlying Aluminium, which is mostly a result of doing the process wrong and the process itself.

A powder-coated alloy wheel is susceptible to scratches and chips if the workshop does not add a protective lacquer after the key process is done and completed. It is also possible to achieve more specialist finishes with powder coating. However, repairing minor scratches and cuts on powder-coated alloy wheels is not possible with a SMART repair and the whole wheel needs to go under refurbishment, which is slightly more expensive.

Powder finishes release fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the surroundings and are better for the environment.

How to powder coat alloy wheels?

Let us go through a step-by-step guide to apply powder coating to alloy wheels.

  • Remove the wheel from the car
  • Clean and de-grease the wheels
  • Sandblast the wheels to remove tougher particles.
  • Manually get rid of the trickiest grime.
  • Go over the wheel again with a degreaser and a brush.
  • Heat the alloys in an oven
  • Using a spray gun Apply powder coating to the alloy wheel
  • Return the rim to the oven and let it remain there until the powder becomes a gel-like consistency over the surface of the wheel
  • Apply lacquer and heat treat to set

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