Audi TT Modifications

When Audi designed the TT version, it was a departure from the norm. As a car manufacturer, Audi wasn’t known to build fun sports cars but decided to change the narrative with the TT.

The styling on the TT models is quite revolutionary, beginning from the Mk1 model. The model came forth as fun to drive, cheap to run, and a fantastic sports car. It has various practical functionalities you will not find in similar vehicles produced by other manufacturers.

Then came the Mk2 TT model, and it was a better version of the original. Audi went a magnificent mile to make the Mk2 a better version in every aspect, and it became an update and revision of the Mk1. Therefore, the legendary TTRS soon became the desire of every TT owners and lovers of the model.

Audi can now add their super engine range and put their Quattro drive train to practical use in a well-designed chassis. The design aims to deliver fun and excellent handling. Therefore, regardless of the model, the TT is comfortable and easy to drive the car. The Quattro has traction and grip, making it reliable on platforms where most cars will start to slide around.

The standard suspension can be a little harsh, but it’s a setup that works well. Therefore, the Mag suspension is a positive dream, and if we are to specify, it would be a top choice. However, when you want to get one, avoid cars with high mileage because they usually have various waiting bills.

You might also have to face changing oil, regular servicing, change of brake pads and discs, going for regular check-ups, and engaging several other damage control measures. These things are a must for cars like that. You might also need to replace the turbo at a high price if they are gone. However, that is an excellent opportunity to upgrade and release a little more turbo power.

Audi TT Modification Options

plates for carsMost owners desire to increase their car’s power output, perform a few suspension tweaks, and improve the car’s general performance.

Stuff like installing a sound exhaust system is one-way car owners satisfy their desire since a good exhaust will make the car feel good on the road.

Therefore, let’s look into surprising ways you can swing your car into the best mods. In other words, what are the best upgrade options for Audi TT?

Power and Engine Mods

The first point of call for most car owners is usually to increase power. The 1.8T engines are good for around 350bhp. Though some good NASP engines are available as options, the 1.8T is the most popular. Therefore, the focus should be on it. 

Other standard versions include the TFSi and EA888 version. The TFSi version offers excellent performance and reduces fuel consumption while the 2.5 version offers higher torque and more power throughout the rev range. 

The EA888 engine is an addition to the engine line-up. It offers better reliability or economy and more power range. 

It is vital to get the best sport mods from these engines to suit your planned usage. There are three motorsport stages with different options. The steps and available options include;


  • Stage 1


Sports exhaust, Lighter flywheel, Panel air filter, Alloy wheels, Suspension upgrade (drop 30 to 40mm), and Remap


  • Stage 2


High flow fuel injector, Ported and polished head, Power or sports clutch, Fast road cam, Fuel pump upgrades. 


  • Stage 3


Upgrading or adding forced induction (supercharger or turbo), Competition cam, Sports gearbox, Internal engine upgrades (valves/pistons/head), and Engine balancing. 

Note that the stage 3 motorsport mods do not work well because it can be challenging to control in slow traffic. 

However, to get anywhere near the power figure, you will need to get a more substantial capacity turbo, uprate diverter valve, fit a ported and polished mod, and finish off with a remap. 

The KO4 turbo requires few adjustments to the oil feed and the manifold, but it’s the easiest stock upgrade option.

If you want more significant peak power figures, then get a hybrid turbo or any replacement turbo with turbines matching the power delivery requirements. Otherwise, a KO3s with a remap you should have up to 250bhp.

Another engine mod for a TT is to install a fast road cam. Since 1.8T has only two valves, it can be a bottleneck, and the best recommendation is to port from this and give room for more exhaust rate. 

Remember to uprate the fuelling when you increase the power: it makes your care thirst more. Also, upgrade the injectors, letting it deliver enough fuel.  You will need to get a bigger fuel pump to supply the right fuel amount after installing a bigger injector. 

Also, transform your car by fitting a lighter flywheel as the DMF flywheel can be a bit heavy. The transformation will let your car rev more quickly while the car engine becomes more responsive. If you fit a sport or power clutch, then do a flywheel upgrade at the same time to makes the package complete.

Finally, upgrade your brakes and increase the pistons and discs to larger ones. The kind Golf VR6 or Porsche uses will be the perfect set you need as it’ll provide sufficient clearance in your alloys. There are other quality brake kits for the TT, such as the Pagid and Mintex, among many others. 

Audi Exhaust Tuning and Intake

Breathing mods are usually the next after the power and engine mods. An induction kit is all right. However, with the 1.8T engine, you might not get beyond 3000 rpm. Therefore, a smoothed out air and good panel air filter are the best intake mods to have. 

You can fit the airbox like that of the VR6 Golf because it offers a better flow. Since the airbox gets feeds from the inner wing, it’s best to consider a larger pipe like the VR6’s. 

That does not mean an induction kit doesn’t work, but they only do when the standard air intake box can no longer cope. Therefore, that should be your aim when you boost the car engine power. 

But, if your exhaust is too large (i.e., above 2.5 inches bore), most TT range engines will lose power and a lot of flow rate. But, if you want a balanced flow of air all through the engine then, a sport exhaust will do that for you. It will help to free up some top-end power making the TT engine more flexible. 

A remap is the best mod you can perform on a turbocharged TT. It gives up to 30% power, thereby making your car a lot more fun. With a remapped turbo, the TT engine gains phenomenal power and takes advantage of the block’s strength. However, you will need to service the car frequently if you do a remap.

Suspension or Handling Upgrades

Many owners uprate their TT handling options by installing Coilover suspension. It is a priority because it increases how well they enjoy the car. 

There’s no doubt that most TT factory suspension setups require tweaking. Want to enhance your cornering and handling? Few degrees of toe-in for stability or toe-out for cornering, -0.9 to 1.5 and a few negative camber will get there. Also, drop the car by a few millimetres, say 29mm to 3mm, and install modified stiffer dampers. 

One of the best suspension options in the world is the magnetic suspension option. It can be challenging to improve on this part. However, if the TT has dampers and conventional springs, it is possible. It’ll offer you a wide variety of aftermarket options.  

You shouldn’t lower the car too much. In most cases, it might need other modifications. Get adjustable shocks, which is the best option because it allows you to tweak things you desire to fit your driving style.  

Audi TT Wheel Modification

Are you considering Alloy wheels? Then, you have chosen right because it helps the car brakes quickly cool instead of the steel ones. The downside on TT is that it can change the final drive ratio and generally has a disadvantaged effect on performance and acceleration.  

Don’t even consider large wheels as they are prone to tram lining. Don’t forget you need to keep the unsprung mass low. Instead, seek to hold the wheel’s rolling diameter at factory size or don’t go above 18inches.

Consider replacing 18’s with 17’s to improve driving and handling, especially on the daily commutes. When on track, an 18 inches wheel with a low profile tire is excellent. It’ll enhance grip a little, but breaking won’t be sharp because of higher unsprung mass. 

Final Verdict

While the TT is a great sports car and you can enjoy its potential without upgrading it, you’ve only started a beautiful and exciting journey when you get the Audi TT. Since it provides room for modification, consider performing a few changes on it to maximize its potentials.  

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