Everyone loves the summer, especially when it’s hot hot hot! But just as we need to protect our skin in the sun, we also need to protect our vehicles. The average car can be up to 30 degrees hotter than the outside air when it’s sunny which makes it extremely dangerous for children and animals inside.

One of the most effective ways car owners have found to counteract this problem is window tinting. Not only does it protect your car’s interior by decreasing the temperature, it also has a distinct visual appeal.

By applying quality window tints you can help to reduce the heat transfer into your vehicle by almost 80%. This will allow your vehicle to be kept at a much cooler temperature and will mean you can spend a lot less time and energy using your air conditioning system. It will also ensure that 99% of UV light is blocked from entering your vehicle which will help stop your interior from fading and more importantly will protect those in the car.

The window tint will act as an effective sun protector for your skin and eyes to shelter you from the harmful effects of the sun. This will include reducing the glare from the sun which can blind you whilst driving. Even if the film is applied to the side and rear windows, this hazardous glare can be drastically reduced.

These will increase your safety when driving but tinted windows also make you safer when you aren’t with your vehicle. The tinted windows stop potential thieves from seeing inside your vehicle as well as impeding access by holding the glass together if they tried to break in. Quality window tints will help to keep your car cool and protected all year round, so why not call Number Plate Clinic today on 01204 53 43 33 to get a free quote.