4D Number Plates – A Must-Have Car Accessory in 2022

4D number plates are the next step up from 3D number plates if you really want to make your car distinctive. Bespoke 4D number plates are the must-have car essential for 2022.

They’re fun, fashionable, creative and, most importantly, legal – meaning that you can customise your car with a number plate that not only stands out from the crowd but can also be seen.

Why choose a 4D number plate for 2022?

4D plates are the gold standard when it comes to bespoke number plates for your car. They have the edge over standard and 3D plates and give your car or bike real star quality.

Each of the characters is placed on the plate by hand. The plate itself is acrylic, as are the laser-cut acrylic letters. This means that the characters are thick and more rectangular giving them a bolder look. The rectangular and raised profile of 4D plates makes them an excellent choice when you want to personalise your vehicle.

4D number plates are easy to spot in all kinds of conditions, day or night. When the light hits them they really stand out. They are made to withstand extreme conditions, direct sunlight and all the other environmental and road conditions that might cause wear and tear. 4D plates from a reliable supplier don’t lose shine over time.

2022 is the year for 4D number plates

Over recent years, more and more car owners have been choosing 4D number plates, and that upward trend is set to continue during 2022.  While number plates are an essential part of your car they are often uninteresting and don’t add much to the overall appearance of the vehicle. If you opt for a 4D number plate you add colour and texture to your number plate helping to improve how your car appears on the road.

What 4D number plate options are available?

4D number plates really allow you to get creative when it comes to customising your vehicle.

You can choose all kinds of colours, designs and finishes to create something truly unique. It’s why increasing numbers of people are choosing 4D number plates for their cars.

To help make the perfect plate, you can choose from a variety of coloured layers, designs and custom depths. You can also give it added shine with a glossy black resin gel.

At Number Plate Clinic, we have an extensive range of 4D number plate options available so there’s something for everyone. We can create the number plate of your dreams, including

Choose from our wide range of styles and begin personalising your 4D plate.

If you have your own unique concept or want to discuss your own ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us.