Car breakdown is a nightmare for every motorist. It can happen anywhere, irrespective of the place and time.

Breakdowns don’t just happen because of low maintenance or affect only the older vehicles. A new car can also break down because of certain environmental factors, or maybe because of daily mistakes.

Some common breakdown reasons are:

● Fuelling problems

● Flat/drain battery

● Faulty alternator

● Clutch cable replacement

● High tension leads

● Electrical issues

● Overheating

● Punctures

● Mechanical issues

● Distributor cap failure

There are many other reasons behind a car breakdown. No matter the reason, getting your car recovered is vital to get back on the road. For effective recovery, there is no better option than getting a professional breakdown recovery service. But what factors should you consider while choosing the best service provider? Let us discuss!

Customer Service

It gets difficult to deal with ill-natured people, especially when you are stranded because of a car breakdown. Prefer friendly staff who aim to provide customer satisfaction and expert advice.


Consider reliable service providers who are available 24*7 to provide you with breakdown recovery service instantly. You would not want to wait for hours on the roadside for help.

Roadside assistance 

It is best to choose a service provider that tries to resolve the problem on the roadside and is willing to tow your vehicle back to the garage if they cannot fix it instantly.

Services offered

You should go for a service provider that excels in providing a range of services, including:

● Towing service

● Battery jump-start service

● Flat-tire service

● Keyless recovery

● Fuel delivery, etc.

Skilled technicians

Technicians who have years of in-the-field experience and have gained expertise in treating any vehicle are more efficient in carrying out a breakdown recovery service, no matter the level of complication.

Courtesy car

If you can’t do the day-to-day tasks without a vehicle, it is better to get a courtesy car when your car remains in the garage for a service.

Do not compromise with getting a car breakdown recovery service because the best one can fix your car in the least possible time at the best possible quote.