As per the latest survey, about 307 cars are stolen every day in the UK, which makes roughly 13 cars every hour which is pretty alarming. Modern thieves use sophisticated technology to rob a car with no damage and sell them to dealers with a different identity. So if you feel your car is safe with an integrated alarm, central locking and immobilisers, then you are wrong.

So it is important for you to keep your car safe at home and away with added security measures. Some of the best technologies available in the market for added safety for your car are mentioned below.

How Does Car Security Devices Help?

You will find both high and low-end car security accessories available in the market, which boosts the security of your car. Although it is impossible to stop a determined car thief from stealing a car, these accessories can make it harder for them to do so. Some of these technology acts as a deterrent to car thieves making them prefer easier targets.

Car Theft Deterrents Available In The Market

There are many technologically advanced accessories which act as car theft deterrent available with motoring retailers. Let us look at the most important ones.

Car Alarms: A car alarm draws the attention of surrounding people during car theft and acts as a good deterrent for car thieves.

Immobilisers and Kill Switches: Additional kill switches come into action when a car thief tries to start your car without the correct key. The kill switch helps disables your fuse, fuel pump or ignition coil preventing your car to start.

Steering or Gear Stick Locks: These are old-fashioned but still do the trick as break heavy steering and gear stick lock takes time and is a good deterrent for car thieves.

Wheel Locks: Similar to steering and gear stick locks, these also slow down car thieves as they look for easier targets.

Tyre Deflators: If a car thief steals a car without removing the tyre deflator it will deflate the tyres after going a certain distance, which will damage the wheels and body of the car reducing the value at which the thief can sell your car. This is not an option a thief will want to take for the amount of risk they put in to steal a car.

 Few Other Security Devises Which Acts As a Good Deterrent For Car Thieves:

  • Window etching and vehicle marking
  • Car driveway security posts
  • Blocking keyless entry
  • Protecting your on-board diagnostic port
  • CCTV and car security cameras

Choose the car security device of your liking at affordable prices from any Garage, Showroom, Car Manufacturer or Online Car Parts and Accessories Websites.