When you buy a car, it includes third-party motor insurance or its own damage cover. Motor insurance is undoubtedly a complicated subject to understand. You know that third-party insurance is mandatory for any vehicle owner. It is a legal liability when you cause damage to a third party. Your vehicle may cause harm to others as bodily injury/ death/ destroy a third party’s property.

Own damage cover is like a breakdown cover. It is a part of the comprehensive motor policy that pays you when there is any damage to your vehicle or stolen. There are incidents like self-ignition, fire, riots, explosions, lightning, terrorism, or any natural calamities. However, remember that any insurance cover is subject to conditions.

While buying a car, you need to know the limitations and the exclusions of a standard insurance contract. However, you must renew them from time to time as there is an expiry date for every insurance cover.

If there is any exclusion, there is always room for paying an extra premium.

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Number Plate Insurance Cover

We provide an insurance policy for roadside recovery when you undergo an unwanted mechanical breakdown or electrical malfunction. You can enjoy various insurances for your car.

  • Third-party cover
  • Pay and claim
  • Carmaker cover
  • Roadside assistance cover
  • Personal cover
  • Home cover
  • National recovery

Sometimes, we offer you a grace period of twenty days. However, always register your car from the best insurance company in your locality. And if you are in the UK or in its locality, you cannot rely on any other company but the Number Plate Clinic. You can enjoy a free insurance cover from us too.