Modifying your car can be a fun thing to do, especially for young drivers, but not all vehicle mods are legal in Cardiff.

Of course, the law does change from time to time, so check with your local police if you’re planning your own car modification Cardiff to ensure they’re allowed.

Always let the insurance company know about the mods to your car, whether you bought it with the modifications already made, or you’ve made the changes yourself.

Your premium or cover could be affected by some modifications and you may invalidate your policy if you don’t inform them.

Under car neons

The fashion for under-car neons reached its peak several years ago, but there are still car enthusiasts who like to modify their cars with neon lights.

But are they legal in the UK? The answer is yes and no. Some under-car neon is permitted, but there are strict rules for that.

It’s better to find out from the company itself if you can opt for it or not.

Window tints

Window tints are a popular car mod, but you could be breaking the law if you tint the wrong windows or go too dark. This is because there are factors that are regarded as a factor in some accidents.

For instance, there are different rules about the opacity of front and rear windows, and some rules only apply for cars that came into use after 1985.

Number plates

There are a number of rules around number plates, so if you’re considering having customized number plates made up, do check out the government guidelines about what’s legal and what’s not.

Custom made number plates can only be supplied by a registered number plate supplier.

Any number plate that shows your registration number incorrectly, or alters the numbers or letters so they hard to read can result in a fine.

Finally, there are several types of car modification Cardiff that you can opt for. But you must check if the government allows you to do it else you may have to face penalties.