Cars are the best means of transportation; they are an expression of our personal taste and of our personality.

These days buying cars has become a trend. However, there’s a huge market for car modification in London.

A lot of people want to modify cars. Let’s see how you can modify a car.

Car modification is slowly gaining popularity amongst the car enthusiasts resulting in some really good examples of car modification.

Customization or modified cars mean some serious interior, exterior and improving performance enhancements and not painting or sticker works.

Rims/ wheels

One of the most striking ways to make a vast improvement on the look of a vehicle or modified cars is to upgrade the factory fitted wheels to larger, bolder, glossy aftermarket rims.

There are plenty of rim choices like styles, colours, offset options which can lead to extreme custom appearance for a common car.

While choosing aftermarket rims, check the fitment guide, ensure that the wheel size, bolt design and offset are the proper fit for your car.


It’s one of the most important and favourite modifications for the racer look of a car in modified cars. It can be done with an axle-back bolt-on kit. Starting at a few hundred rupees.

By removing the single tailpipe muffler for a hefty and aggressive aftermarket exhaust system.

Seats/ interior

Why go with the same boring colours and fabrics that manufacturers use to design a car interior? Car modification London suggests as most cars come with blue, grey or black interiors, you can change it and opt for something fresh and new such as sporty or leather interiors.

Tinted windows

British motorists love to modify their cars with tinted windows, however, the legalities to adopt this car modification must be kept in mind.

For instance, the light transmission must be a minimum of 70% through the front windows and 75% through windscreen respectively.

It’s fine to tint the rear windscreen and the rear window doors however if they are tainted too dark, you may be fined heavily.