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Car Servicing

We’re offering you a 54-point interim service for £29, or a 54-point full car service for just £49,

It’s easy to forget that your car once ran perfectly and like a dream. If you’re too used to dismissing the clunks and quirks of your car, why not get back to the good old days with a 54-point interim service that includes checking the front breaks, shock absorbers, suspension, fan belt check, engine oil replacement, oil filter change and more. Trusty four wheels needing even more TLC? Then be sure to upgrade to see your car spruced up with a 54-point full car service – a through check to ensure the inner workings are running smoothly.

Why Choose Us?

12 Month Guarantee

We guarantee a secure, reliable fitting for 12 months after we’ve installed your new audio system, so if anything does go wrong, we can fix it for you.

Expert Technicians

We’ve been installing car audio systems for over 10 years. Our team of professionals is passionate about what they do and that’s what makes the difference in the quality of our work.

Available Every Day

Our team is available on any day to quickly install your car audio. Give us a call to schedule the exact time.

Interim Service

Each type of service builds on the previous level. So a Basic service typically includes an oil and filter change and visual inspection and a check of up to 54 key components. A good garage like ours, performing this kind of service, will usually check the brakes and manufacturer guidelines so that they can recommend any additional work that your car may need.

  • Replacement of engine oil
  • Oil filter change
  • 54-point check sheet


Full Service

A full service will include the basic service work, and typically add an extra 15-30 checks of the car’s components compared to the basic service. But a number of the checks will already be covered by the MOT test (if you are having it done at the same time). As with the basic service, if the car needs any repair work, or the manufacturer guidelines recommend extra maintenance work, this will be an additional cost.

  • Horn operation check
  • Climate control check
  • Engine oil replacement
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Condition of exterior lights
  • Antifreeze strength
  • Tire condition and air pressure
  • Battery and alternator condition
  • Instruments and warning lights check
  • Cigarette lighter check
  • Abs check
  • Condition and operation of seatbelts check
  • Operation of interior and exterior lights and switches check
  • Front and rear wipers and washers check
  • Condition and security of windscreen check
  • Condition of all interior and exterior mirrors check
  • Fuel cap check
  • Air conditioning check
  • Power steering reservoir check and top up
  • Auxiliary and fan belts check
  • Pollen/cabin filter check
  • Battery condition and security
  • Clutch operation
  • Handbrake operation and travel
  • Gearbox oil / axel oil / transfer box oil check
  • All under bonnet fluids check
  • Brake fluid check
  • Antifreeze check
  • Clutch fluid check
  • Under body inspection (check for corrosion)
  • Condition and security of steering and suspension components
  • Exhaust system for security and leak check
  • Security of fuel lines check
  • Brake pipes check
  • All hoses check
  • Handbrake cables check
  • Check for signs of leakage from cylinders or calipers
  • Central locking system check
  • Airbag system
  • Electric window operation
  • Parking sensors check
  • Sunroof operation (if applicable)
  • Tire condition and tread depth check
  • Condition of brake discs and pads
  • Air filter replacement / fuel filter replacement (if required)

How it Works:

You book your service with us.
You drop your vehicle off or arrange for a collection.
We get the work done and notify you when it’s done.

You come collect the vehicle once it’s completed or we can drop it off to you and you finalise payment.

Why choose our car service in Manchester?

We guarantee quality service to every client. With our knowledge and experience, we can promise you a satisfying and quality repair along with fast delivery of your vehicle.

Top reasons why you should choose our services:

  • One of the best in the industry
  • We have wide experience in car servicing.
  • We have an experienced team of talented engineers and mechanics
  • Responsive service for client benefits
  • Affordable and reasonable service
  • Get all kinds of vehicle repairs
  • We can help you in every automobile related requisites

We do not sell you false promises but we tell you the problem and work on fixing it. So, feel free to give us a call at 01204 53 43 33.

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