Tinting a car window varies as per the window tint quality. You have a great number of options, and sometimes, it can be quite tricky too. Nevertheless, our experts are there to help you get the best quality windows for your vehicle.

If you plan to go with a professional car shop, it will most likely cost £200 to £600 (front & rear). However, you get a discount if you plan to tint your whole car. But you need to keep that in mind that the prices can be both higher and lower. Also, there are different window tints that you can opt for your car.

Types of Tints

Dye Polyester Window Tint

Most of the cars go for dye polyester window tint. This is, in fact, the most budget-friendly tint service, and most of the smaller shops and individual tinning specialists offer this service. However, the polyester won’t protect you from the sun, and the colour fades quickly.

Metallic Window Film

Metallic window film comes with several layers. The base layer comes with an adhesive that sticks the film with the window. Further, another film gets added to block the UV rays, and a metallic film reflects the heat darkening the window. The last layer is a protective layer to prevent scratches. These are extremely durable.

Hybrid Tinting Film

Hybrid tint films comprise four layers. These include adhesive, a dyed film, a metallic film, and a protective topcoat. This film prevents heat, glare, and UV rays as it comes with reflective metal content. Also, it fades slowly and doesn’t interfere with mobile and radio signals. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and reliable option, hybrid tinting film is the best option to go.

Ceramic Film

Ceramic films are the latest alternatives here. We bond an adhesive layer to a thin ceramic layer, which gets protected by a topcoat. It is definitely expensive because of its strong durability and efficient lasting. You also get heat reduction; therefore, you can save your cost by cutting AC use.


To get the best tinting film for your car, always do quality research.