A car comprises many parts and if any of them fails, it may cause a breakdown. Some breakdowns are complex and some are pretty simple, but none the less it is a nuisance for the person driving and the passengers.

A breakdown can happen anywhere and anytime, so it is better to be ready and well prepared to tackle this stressful situation. We will guide you through the most common reasons for a car breakdown and how best to avoid them.

Overheating of Engine

The most common reason for a car breakdown is because of overheating of a car engine. The major cause of engine overheating is stuck thermostats, a faulty fan, or a leaking cooling system. If your car breakdown because of an engine overheating, then avoid opening the hood of the car until your car cools down.

How to Avoid Engine Overheating?

Do a regular inspection of your engine coolant and check for any damages or leaks. During a long journey, monitor the engine temperature marker on the dashboard. Also, give a rest to the engine and let it cool done if it gets too hot. If your engine overheats regularly, then there is a problem with your coolant system and it is advisable to visit a service station on an immediate note.

Flat or a burst tyre

Another very common reason for a car breakdown is a flat tyre or a burst tyre. This happens because of gradual wear and tear of the tyres and sometimes from a severe impact or when you drive over something sharp. Almost every driver has faced a flat or a tyre burst in his or her lifetime. If you have a spare tyre, you can change the tyre manually or call a breakdown service for help.

How to Avoid a Flat Tyre?

Cautious driving not only saves your tyres from sharp objects but also prevents excessive tyre damage. Check your tyre condition regularly to notice any damage of excessive wear and tear. Keep a spare tyre handy at all times for any uneventful situation. Change your tyres if they have excessive wear and tear and do not drive on damaged tyres.

Faulty or Dead battery

A dead battery is another common reason for a car breakdown. Bad or corroded cells in a battery are the major cause of a dead battery or faulty battery. Other reasons are if you leave your radio or any electronic device on it can erode your battery charge quickly.

How to avoid dead battery?

Getting your car battery checked for faults or corrosion during every service can help your battery run longer. Make sure the clamps and battery connection are secure. Also, keep a jump start apparatus in your car at all times.

No Fuel or Wrong Fuel

Not having enough fuel or filling up wrong fuel in your car can get you stranded in the middle of the road. A breakdown because of no fuel might be because your fuel meter is not working or showing a wrong reading. But most drivers experience a breakdown because of putting wrong fuel in their car.

How to avoid no fuel and wrong fuel?

Be attentive when you are refuelling your car. It is advisable to know what fuel your car needs and to refuel with that fuel only. During car service, make sure your fuel meter works properly. Keep excess fuel in your car for emergencies and always top up before your recommended level to avoid no fuel issues.