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Wheels get cracked due to low-quality tires and pot holes in the roads. Regardless of the amount of damage, if you are worried about the condition of your alloy wheel then we can fix it without any hindrance. A cracked wheel is something that should be taken seriously or else it can amount to dangerous consequences afterwards.

So make sure to inspect your wheel time after time because a cracked wheel is a safety concern that requires being taken care of immediately. Nevertheless, you might be thinking whether changing the wheel entirely would be a hefty expense or a welding repair would bring you a cost-effective solution. We ask you to contact us so that we can have a look at the condition of your wheel and thereby suggest you the necessary and required solution.

The part of a rim which is exposed to the road is the most common place where the fracture is formed first. With the passage of time, the hairline fracture slowly widens due to pressure or weather corrosion and gradually takes the formation of a crack. However, if a crack in alloy wheel gets unnoticed or un-repaired then it tends to become bigger and can lead to a risky problem in the future. For more Information Call us 01204534333 or Email us info@numberplateclinic.co.uk

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Welded Repair

It is true that any kind of scratch or spot in your alloy wheels can degrade the appeal of your vehicle. However, with proper maintenance, these issues can be solved to avoid any further corrosion or damage. On the other hand, the only repair solution for a cracked alloy is to have it welded perfectly so that you can have a peace of mind for a long time ahead.

At Alloy Refurbishment Services, we fix all kind of issues in alloy wheels. Our knowledge and experience in this field is something that we have acquired over many years and thereby we guarantee quality alloy crack repair for your long-term peace of mind.

How it Works:

You book your service with us.
You drop your vehicle off or arrange for a collection.
We get the work done and notify you when it’s done.

You come collect the vehicle once it’s completed or we can drop it off to you and you finalise payment.

Cracked Alloys Welding

Process of Cracked Alloy Repair

At first, we remove the cracked alloy wheel from your vehicle and then detach the tyre from the wheel. After that, we inspect the entire wheel, following which the wheel is cleaned and then the crack is welded to fix the damaged area. Later, the complete work is checked properly and once it has passed the quality test new valves are attached and the wheel is digitally balanced for ensuring perfection.

Usually cracked alloy wheels are repaired in a day but if the damage is severe it might take a longer duration of time.

Number Plate Clinic Services promises excellent services to every client so that our quality work is referred to others as an example of perfection.

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