There was a time when you would rarely see personalized number plates on roads in the UK. When you see one, it would be a super expensive car in an exclusive location. Now, personalized or custom plates Glasgow are growing in popularity.

Some sell for a huge amount of money, including those with price tags of thousands of pounds. However, the majority of customized registrations you see are bought for a lot less. These may cost hundreds of dollars and not thousands of dollars.

Annual Sales Of Personalized Number Plates

Over recent years, the growth in customized number plates has been consistent. Looking at the figures that are not even the most interesting part. The most interesting part is how popular these have become.

For instance, the amount of money raised by DVLS through the sale of customized number plates more than doubled over three years. It reached over 162 million pounds in the 2017/18 financial year.

However, there are sales of personalized number plates through private companies, too.

Why Are Custom Plates So Popular?

Buying a custom plate is an investment

One of the main reasons for people to buycustom plates Glasgow is to get something unique. The value of many personalized number plates increases over time.

This leads to many people viewing the purchase of a personalized number plate as being an investment. It is similar to investing in a case of wine or watch. Additionally, depending on registration, the investment can last a lifetime.

Personalized registrations aren’t just for the super-rich

Another reason that personalized number plates are increasingly popular is they are not just for rich people to put on very expensive cars.

The reality is there are excellent registrations available for a couple of hundred pounds.

Since custom number plates come in different ranges, choose the right plate as per your need. In other words, you don’t need to be super-rich to have a custom number plate from private sellers.

Those who want to invest in a custom number plate, getting a unique and meaningful registration is a great finishing touch.