DAB is the abbreviation of Digital Audio Broadcasting, which uses a digital signal instead of a traditional analog FM (frequency modulation) signal. It is preferred these days because of its non-susceptibility to interference from the neighboring channels.

Usually, interference from other channels restricts the number of radio stations, and thankfully, DAB does not come with the same restriction. Instead, DAB can offer multiple stations within a comparatively narrow bandwidth. Once a DAB receiver picks up any signal, it will automatically tune to all the radio stations on offer.

According to the parliamentary legislation, new cars in the UK must be fitted with a DAB radio. As per the rule, a radio fitted in any vehicle must receive DAB (digital audio broadcasting) from 21st December 2020. The provision found in The Road Vehicles (Approval) Regulations is in effect from 1st September 2020. Such a rule will be implemented to ensure that the UK will match the European Electronic Communications Code Directive, which the European Union introduced.

There is a requirement for standard DAB to be installed in new cars due to the following reasons:

  • Increased reach of the radio programs:With many big brands beginning the digital rollout more than a decade ago, most of the cars are already installed with a DAB radio. Today, more than 485 stations are available in the UK, providing service to a vast population. In-car listening will only grow digital radio reach all over the UK.
  • Trying something new- DAB offers the real-time text feature, which enables you to view the name of the songs played and even the descriptions of the radio program’s content.

However, it is essential to note that the DAB requirements will not apply to the cars built/offered for sale before 21st December 2020. Besides, the rule will also exempt the second-hand vehicles imported to the UK after the mentioned date

DAB radios are more reliable than FM radios, and if you are looking to install a DAB radio in your car and amp up your car’s audio system, head out to Number Plate Clinic’s website or give them a call to get a free quote.