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If it is about the stunning and glossy shine of alloys then Diamond Cut Finish is the right term to describe it. At present, you will find many cars with such alloy wheels as well as manufacturers are also inclined towards diamond cut alloys to maintain the standard of their vehicles.

Even you can also inspect your alloy wheels by checking for the fine lines that are created with the help of machines. These are called diamond cuts and for their shiny appearance, people choose diamond cut alloy wheels in the contemporary times. For more Information Call us 01204534333 or Email us info@numberplateclinic.co.uk

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Quality Repairs

Diamond cutting is actually a very sophisticated process and requires more time than the powder coating refurbishment. In other words, a diamond cut wheel is an alloy wheel that is placed on a lathe and the entire painted surface of the wheel is enhanced with a machine to bring a shiny alloy finish. In actuality, a fraction of the painted surface is removed in order to bring this effect.

At the same time, corrosion or any other kind of damage is common in diamond cut wheels. The reason being the lacquer that is applied on the painted surface tends to deteriorate after small stone chips bring the water behind the lacquer. This leads to changing the appearance and it looks cloudy.

That being said, if you have recently spotted damage in your diamond cut alloys then do not worry but come to Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Services for the best solution. We ensure fast removal of any kind of corrosion on diamond cut alloys and bring a further quality finish with long-term protection against future damages.

Diamond Cut Wheels

Process of Diamond Cut Alloy Repair

At first, we remove your diamond cut alloy wheels from your vehicle. Next, we strip it with the help of a chemical solution that eliminates all the paint as well as lacquer before beginning the repair process. When the wheel has been treated then it is mounted in a CNC machine where the alloy is machined to give a perfect diamond cut finish with acute precision.

Now, the alloy wheel not only has a diamond cut finish but also a two-tone powder coated finish. Again the wheel is cleaned properly and then put on in an oven where an anti-corrosive layer is applied. In the end, a final acrylic based lacquer is applied before putting it back to the oven for the last touch at the end of the process.

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Sparkling Finish

Furthermore, diamond cutting can be done on the complete face and lip of the wheel by applying a base coat paint which can bring amazing finish on the alloy wheel. So do you have anything hovering on your mind regarding your diamond cut alloys? Then contact us for more information and repair solutions.

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