If you are among those who like DIY, we appreciate your effort that you put for doing anything yourself.

Have you ever fit a number plate on your vehicle? If you want to try a DIY method for a number plate fitting, you should gather knowledge before doing that. To help you in this, our experts have shared the easiest way to remove a number and change it. Read on to learn how you can use the DIY method for fitting your number plate.

  1. Remove the number plate:

The first step would be removing the number plate from your vehicle. To do so, follow the method –

Open the plastic screw cover, if there is any. If it is screwed, then undo it. You might also find a double-sided pad securing the plate. In this case, you have to lose them. Since the pads tend to be quite adhesive, you need to be extra careful. Don’t put much force while doing so. You can use any tool that can help you to lose the pads easily.

After you remove the number plate, it is up to you whether you want to use a screw or adhesive tape for fitting your new number plate.

  1. Drill holes into your registration plates:

In case you want to fit your number plate with screws, you have to drill holes into it. The safest way is to drill holes from the back of the registration plate. However, make sure you have drilled at the right point of the plate to fit it perfectly.

  1. Screw the number plates:

Now, secure your number plate by screwing it. Screw it tightly in place so that it gets fixed.

We have shared here how you can remove your number plate by using a screw. If you want to use sticky pads, all you need to do is to

  • Clean the surface
  • Remove the adhesive pad and stick this to the back of the registration plate
  • Remove the backing of the sticky pad of the other side
  • Fix it on to your vehicle
  • Press the number plate on the sticky pad into your car

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