Number Plate Clinic offers you a chance to go through the current and future laws and legislation regarding driving so that on-road safety becomes a practice.  

Don’t want to spend your entire New Year’s Eve behind bars or getting booked for violating driving laws? Of course, you don’t! 2020 has really been a bummer, and you don’t want to add more. Let’s take up a realistic New Year’s resolution of becoming a better driver and learning about all the driving laws and possible penalties in action from 2021.

A rundown on the driving laws for 2021: 

Let us sit back and take a look at the driving laws that will be in effect from 2021. You can also find a lot of relevant resources at the official website of Number Plate Clinic.

  •  Stricter laws on phone usage while driving: 

Currently, it is illegal to text or calls without hands-free when you are driving. But this law will get altered for new, stricter legislation in 2021 regarding phone usage while driving. The legislation will bring about clearer changes regarding your phone activity while you are driving, and failing those could mean precious penalty points on your license and even monetary fines.

  •  Drinking or sleeping drunk in a motorhome: 

Motorhomes are brilliant ways to explore the British countryside and other hotspots, particularly now, since the pandemic has created inevitable lockdowns. Since the law needs you to be sober and not intoxicated at any point in your vehicle, you need to park at a suitable spot when drinking and stay over at a motorhome. Any non-observance of the same could lead to hefty fines and charges.

  •  Regular charges in clean air zones:

This legislation is set to be introduced at Birmingham in 2021, where non-complying vehicle drivers need to pay hefty fines when driving through specific Clean Air Zones. While petrol and diesel car variants will need to pay a monetary penalty of 8 GBP, bigger cars, HGVs, trucks, buses, and coaches could be fined up to 50 GBP.

  •  Parking on the wrong side of the road: 

You could be booked with a Penalty Charge Notice under 248 of the Highway Code if you are parking your vehicle on the wrong side of the road. If you are not parking in the same direction that traffic travels, your car’s light reflectors won’t catch the oncoming traffic headlights. It will create a visual handicap for the approaching drivers.

  •  Eating or drinking while you are driving: 

Rule 148 of the Highway Code demands the utmost concentration while driving safely. Hence digging in a drive-through meal or a drive-through coffee without parking or getting home could result in the deduction of precious points on your driver’s license or a hefty 100 GBP fine.

Consult the available information on achieving maximum security while you are on the road in your vehicle.