We should adapt our driving habit as per the weather and during the winter months. The snow and ice during winter do not stop us from venturing out of our house as our shopping sphere increases with festivals like Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year. You will also find out local garages advertising for getting your car ready for the winter checks such as de-icer, anti-freeze, screen wash and more. The message is obvious, get yourself prepared for the winter.

How Should You Drive During Winter?

Driving during winter just requires some common sense, which is overlooked most of the time leading to mishaps. We will go through a few of the universal rules you should follow when driving your car in winter or in poor weather.

  • Drive slowly and cautiously
  • Winter and poor weather reduces visibility to a significant amount and keeping your windscreen and windows clean help you with maximum visibility.
  • Utilise all the technology-based help that your car offers to help you access the condition and the road ahead of you. But don’t entirely depend on them and stay alert at all times because a human reaction is always way faster than machines.
  • Driving an SUV or a bigger car doesn’t give you immunity from accidents during winter or poor weather, but it just provides extra safety and sturdiness.

A Few Pointers For Driving In Snow And Ice

Winter brings many problems and the biggest are driving through ice and snow. Well, snow is still visible, but ice is always not visible, making it even more dangerous.

Driving on Snow

  • Drive slowly and don’t rush
  • Drive in low gear
  • Release the brakes if you skid
  • Brake softly and in advance
  • Be extra slow when driving downhill
  • Get your winter wheel fitted
  • Drive with snow chains for extra grip

Driving on Ice

  • High Acceleration will surely make you skid, so drive slowly.
  • Apply brakes lightly
  • Increase your stopping distance when braking
  • Utilise the hand gear more than the brake
  • Winter wheels with chains assist with extra grip

Get You Car ready For Winter

Visit any local garage that has a good reputation and goes through their winter checkups and get your car fitted with the items required for a safe drive during winter. Again Stay Alert To Stay Safe because no amount of added help is better than your common sense and cautious driving.