Buying a customizable number plate can be a daunting task for the buyers. This is because all number plates are not legal, and most numberplate shops are not transparent enough to guide you what type of number plates are legal. So, what to do? You can choose a number plate by maintaining DVLA regulations. We have shared below the DVLA regulations to help you customize the best number plate that is legal.

  • DVLA introduced the current registration number format in 2001. The number format should be in the following way –

  • 2 letters (this identifies the place of registration)
  • 2 numbers (this identifies the time of issuing)
  • 3letters chosen randomly


  • Rules for number plate:

Whenever customizing a number plate for your vehicle, make sure

  • The number plate is made from reflective material
  • The front plate displays the black character on the white background and the rear plate displays the black characters on the yellow background
  • There is no background pattern

You can make 3D characters on the number plate.

  • In the case of motorbike or motor tricycle:


  • Motorbikes, that you have registered on or after 1st September 2001, must display their number plate only at the rear of the bike.
  • In case you have registered your bike before 1st September 2001, you can also display the number plate at the front, though it is not mandatory.
  • The numbers on the number plate should be on 2 lines.


  • Letter spacing, style, and size:

The characters on the number plate of the vehicles must be of certain height and size. The font of the character should always be on the prescribed form or similar to that.

Remember, the authority can fine you up to $1,000 if you drive your car with the incorrectly displayed number plate.

Using the theft-resistant number plate is legal. These types of number plates are hard to break. Want to learn more about the rules and regulations of DVLA? Looking for a supplier who can provide you with the best quality number plate that is legal? Count on us today!