Are 4D Plates Legal In The Uk?

Are you wondering if 4D plates are legal?

When it comes to personalizing the number plate of your vehicle, the very first thing that you need to do is to learn what DVLA says about the style of the number plate you consider choosing.

Nowadays, the 3D gel plates and the 4D number plate is the hot trend. Everyone wants to standout their license plate with these styles without knowing whether it is legal or not. However, if you are going to personalize your number plate with 3D or 4D style but unsure about its legal recommendation, then this content is for you.

You should always choose a number plate that complies with the DVLA regulation to keep you stay safe legally. Now the question is, what does DVLA say about 3D and 4D number plates? Let’s read on –

The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) applies some strict guidelines on the vehicles’ number plates. If a number plate follows all the rules and regulations, it is legally safe. According to DVLA,

  • There must not be any reflex-reflecting material in any part of the registration plate.
  • If the characters in the license plate are indistinguishable and prevent capturing a photographic image, then the 4d number plates are illegal.
  • The characters in the number plate must be in the prescribed form or in a form that is almost similar to this font.

Are 4d number plates legal and will the laws change in the UK?

As a provider of these popular plates, we make sure we keep up to date with the latest rules and laws in the UK.

Do 3D and 4D number plates follow the guidelines?

  • The 3D and 4D effects of the number plates never obscure the letters, and once can easily capture them with a camera or any other device.
  • These types of number plates are made up of high-quality materials that prevent reflection. So, you don’t need to face any legal hassle.
  • In a reliable number plate store, all the DVLA rules and regulations are maintained while making the number plates. Be it following the prescribed form or making it non-reflective, they do it efficiently.

From the above discussion, it is evident that 3D and 4D number plates are legal and DVLA certifies them as 100% road legal and Mot friendly. So, if you want to personalize your number plate with these styles, just go ahead.

Will 4D Plates Become illegal?

As of now, your vehicle can look awesome with our plates. There’s no need to worry as everything is legal!

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