EV Number Plates

If you own an electric vehicle, you can now show how eco your car really is with the new green number plates, these number plates are still new and were only introduced on British roads for the first time in December 2020. The Department for Transport believes they will help drivers benefit from incentives such as cheaper parking, no congestion charges and being able to drive in bus lanes.

These are not mandatory but only owners of zero emissions and full electric EV’s are eligible for them new or old.

What are EV plates?

The Green number plate have got the green light and was launched by the Department of Transport in 2020 which are designed for electric vehicles. The number plates are not completely green, it just displays a green strip on the left-hand side just before the lettering and numbers.

With the government from 2035 only selling electric cars in the UK, the idea behind the new green plate is a government initiative to promote the zero emissions future were currently working towards and be carbon neutral by 2050.

Owners of the green number plate can also benefit from many incentives, as well as local benefits in your area. The green number plate is designed to help more people make the change and switch to electric cars. This was first trialled in Canada and they saw a massive increase in purchases from all the benefits.

Hybrid and plug-in hybrids vehicles are not eligible for the green number plate scheme.

Why do electric cars have green number plates?

Electric cars do not have to display these green number plates, it’s a personal choice whether you decide to change the number plate to green however buyers like to display the green number plates as it shows they are eco and their car has zero emissions and get a lot of benefits from doing so.

It also makes it easier for camera to show they are electric which means they can get free parking, no congestion charges and many more benefits which keep getting added for electric vehicles. Hybrid and plug in hybrids vehicles are not eligible for the green number plate scheme.

How to get a green number plate UK?

You can apply for your green number plate at number plate clinic (link) We require your name, address and proof you have the rights you have to use this number plate, if you fail to comply these documents it can delay the order.

You can use these number plate on new and used Electric Vehicles. Unfortunately, Hybrid and plug in hybrids vehicles are not eligible for the green number plates.

Order Green Number Plates

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