With the winter turning colder, driving is becoming harder. Whether it’s snow and rain increasing the stopping distance or the fog causing poor visibility, there are numerous hazards to look out for a while driving in winter.

Whether you’re an experienced driver who has been driving in adverse conditions or you’re driving for the first time on icy roads, here are some useful tips for driving on icy roads:

  •  Pack necessary supplies- It is essential to be prepared for every moment. Keeping necessary accessories make your ride comfortable. Packing basic supplies like water, snacks, torch, extra layers of clothing, etc., come to your rescue if you get stuck somewhere.
  •  Double-check the tires- Before setting out on an icy road, it is advisable to carry out necessary checks. If your tire is wearing low, it will have a reduced grip on the road, which can be perilous on icy roads. It increases the chance of wheelspin and skidding. Your tire tread should be at least 4mm for snowy conditions.
  •  Top up your engine coolant- Another essential thing to do before leaving is topping up your vehicle’s engine coolant to regulate engine temperature.
  •  Check your headlights- It is often recommended to travel on icy roads during the daytime. However, if you are traveling during the dark hours, check that all the lights are working- including dipped, full beam, fog lights, and the indicator’s light. Replacing broken lights and cleaning headlights with layers of dust can drastically improve your view of the road as well as your vehicle’s visibility.
  •  Reduce speed and drive carefully- Slowing down is of the utmost importance when driving on icy roads. The high speed makes it difficult to stop and easy to lose control. If you are sliding or fishtailing at all, it is an indication that you’re going too fast. If you encounter black ice, strictly avoid any sudden movements and resist your urge to hit the brakes. Try and move through it at a low speed.
  •   Refrain from stopping for stranded vehicles-Although stopping for help is a noble thing, it may lead to more problems than solving any issues on icy roads. When you see someone, call the authorities to help out instead of stopping and risking the lives of everyone.

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