Before the invention of the Antilock Braking System, whenever you hit your brakes too hard it would cause your vehicle to skid. Skidding vehicle has no control and causes unpleasant driving incidents.

With the introduction of the Antilock Braking System, popularly known to us as ABS, we are seeing fewer and fewer skid marks on the roads.

What is ABS?

  • ABS or Antilock Braking System uses sensors and valves to stop a wheel from locking.
  • ABS automatically reduces the braking pressure whenever the wheel comes to a point where it is about to stop rotating.
  • ABS stops a vehicle to skid sideways as it controls the rotation of the wheels when moving forward or backwards.
  • ABS also reduces the overall stopping distance of the vehicle while braking.
  • An average driver can experience the cadence braking effect used by professional racing drivers with the help of an ABS.
  • Braking during an emergency on irregular roads with ABS saves the car from skidding or hitting the object in front.
  • Drivers can apply the brakes with full force and let ABS decide when and where to apply how much braking pressure.

Advantages of ABS

  • Inexperienced drivers can apply the brakes with maximum power without worrying about skidding.
  • Allows simultaneous and distributed braking of all wheels, which is called electronic brake force distribution.
  • Less risk of an accident because of reduced stopping distance.
  • You can swing your steering wheel freely, even during braking.

ABS is mandatory on cars and motorbikes since 2004. So don’t worry, you do not have to run to your garage to get one.

Disadvantages and Limitations of ABS

Antilock Braking System has very few disadvantages, such as

  • Same as brake failure ABS can also stop working but the instances are very rare.
  • ABS is not friendly when driving on loose gravel, ice, or deep snow
  • ABS does not increase the grip of the tyres and just uses the maximum grip available.

Practice Braking With ABS

If your car has an ABS system, it is advisable to practise braking to get an idea of how it works and what are the maximum stopping distances at different speed level. Practice on a quiet and straight road.