Window tinting is applying a transparent film or sheet to the interior portion of the vehicle window.

The limit for a regular car window is 50% for the front and 35% for the rear glasses.

 The Price Of Car Window Tint

The price of a car window tint of standard size is $95 to $100. Get the higher quality tint for your car from the Number Plate Clinic, UK. Expensive window tint guarantees quality. You can buy car window tint for the whole car at $200 to $400. Cheap window tints are attractive, but it does not meet the quality and durability standard.

Why Will You Use A Car Window Tint?

  • By using window tint, you can prevent the car’s inner part from the harmful UV rays. A good quality car window tint can reduce sunlight exposure by 99%.
  • The screen guard prevents heat-entry into the car.
  • It is a must use to protect your eyes and skins from sun exposure.
  • Use window tinting to avoid fading and discolouration of the upholstery, furnishing, paintings, and tapestries.
  • Apply window tinting for enhancement of the car look.
  • A tinted window is crucial for safety-purpose, security, and privacy.

To receive the best quality tint, you must pay extra. Enjoy the trusted services from the Number Plate Clinic at Manchester, Bolton, and the UK. We apply the top-notch polyester lamination for window tinting.

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