Potholes are a universal problem, and you will find them wherever you live. They are a nuisance for all motorists. Potholes may be of different sizes, but every one of them can cause some kind of damage to your vehicle. So it is important to understand the damage they may cause and how to minimise the effect.

How Are Potholes Created?

Potholes mainly occur during the rainy and winter months. The Major cause of potholes appearing on roads is because of the water seeping into the cracks in the roads. This water then freezes because of cold weather and expands to unsettle the gravel mix, creating a pothole.

What Damages Are Possible By Potholes?

A vehicle driving hitting a pothole hard can cause all sort of problems. Let us look at the damages caused by potholes.

  • Wheel Misalignment
  • Wheel Balance
  • Suspension Issue
  • Bottoming Out

How to Avoid Potholes Related Damages?

There is a proverb that “it is better to be safe than sorry” and the same is for potholes. Taking precautions can limit your damages to the minimum. Let us look at the ways you can save your car from these menacing potholes.

Drive Slowly: If you drive over a pothole with great speed, your vehicle may lose control and it will also damage your car. So it is advisable to drive slowly on a severely damaged road.

Don’t Drive Over the Edge: Most potholes occur on the side of the road, so driving in the middle of the road helps you avoid the majority of them. However, this is not a fast hand rule, as potholes can occur anywhere and it helps to be cautious.

Be Cautious: You cannot navigate past all potholes, but paying attention when driving can help you avoid a majority of them. Especially the larger ones, which can damage your vehicle to a great extent.

Keep Your Tyres Inflated: Having proper tyre pressure helps minimise the damage by a pothole to a large extent. Check tyre pressure and the condition of your tyres regularly.