Choosing 4D Number Plates for Range Rover

Many vehicles that are on the road feature number plates that are different to the standard size. Range Rovers are like many vehicles produced by Jaguar Land Rover in having rear plates that are different to standard. This is a design choice to help fill the space at the back of the vehicle and to improve its overall appearance. It’s one of the features that make Range Rovers stand out from the crowd.

Many Range Rover owners want to personalise their vehicle further through their choice of bespoke number plates. 4D car plates are a great option to really make your plate and your Range Rover distinctive.

What are 4D number plates?

4D plates are the latest generation of customised plates. They are made using laser cut acrylic letters instead of letters which are printed onto the reflective material, as is the case with other types of plates. They give your plates an added level of depth which makes your car stand out, particularly when the light hits them. They’re easy to read and are good in all kinds of weather conditions.

They are different to 3D plates that are made with a gel polyurethane resin and the gel is applied to the characters to make them appear glossy. 4D number plates are made of acrylic that is cut and then shaped with a laser that gives them a raised appearance, making the letters highly visible.

As with any other type of plate, 4D number plates are very durable. They are made to withstand tough weather, sunlight and other environmental factors that can lead to wear and tear. When you purchase 4D number plates from a trusted supplier you can guarantee they’ll last, whatever weather and road conditions they have to cope with.

Why choose 4D number plates for your Range Rover?

4D number plates are a great choice for your Range Rover. They help make your vehicle look great on the road. They’re a creative choice and increasingly fashionable as people look to give their car an added edge.

They look particularly effective on a Range Rover because of the large space at the back of the vehicle for the plate. 4D number plates are a feature in their own right that can complement the overall look of your car. There’s also an amazing range of different types of plates to choose from.

What size 4D number plates do you need for a Range Rover?

The Range Rover uses different size plates to the standard. It is measured at 21 inches/53cm by 6inches/15cm, and the rear plates are oblong in order to fill the large space on the boot. Newer Range Rover Sport vehicles use the same plate, but the older style vehicle uses an oversize plate that points upwards on each side.

High-quality bespoke 4D plates for Range Rover from Number Plate Clinic

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