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How to get rid of old number plates

Disposing of the number plate of your vehicle can be due to many reasons ranging from the need to buy a new vehicle and getting new number plates, relocation from one state to the other, to scrapping your old vehicle due to personal reasons.

Thus, it is important to get rid of your license plates appropriately to avoid security risks because of the reasonable amount of personal information involved.

Getting a new number plate is quite easy compared to destroying old plates but at some point, you might become worried about how to generate the cash needed when the plate loses its appeal.

Here are a few ways to dispose of your old number plate without much creativity and having to look over your shoulders.


You can easily get rid of an unwanted number plate by selling it to interested parties.

This can be done practically anywhere especially on websites that offer the platform of buying and selling number plates. Potential buyers are lurking on the internet waiting for an advertisement of some sort for them to make advances.

They help you get rid of your vehicle’s old number plates easily. It is easier than you think. A reputable middleman like website removes the risk of theft.

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Going through the route of recycling your old number plate is another way to go. But make sure it is of no value anymore before recycling as selling it might offer you a better value.

If it lacks value, then you should go for the faster route which is recycling. This can be done by visiting your area’s recycling centre for them to take the necessary action.

Make sure the number plate is damaged enough for scammers to be unable to use in case you are using another method apart from recycling. Your security is very essential.

How to destroy old number plates

If you are not going to recycle the number plate due to some factors well known to you, or you prefer to disposethem by throwing them into the bin, you need to render it unfit for usage as much as possible. It needs to be in a state where it is unusable and unrecognisable.

Let’s take a look at how you can destroy number plates:

Deface the stickers

The sticker holds the information on the number plate; therefore it’s paramount to remove the information on the stickers, rendering it useless in the process. This means others can’t steal them for usage.

However, it can be tough to peel off the stickers, but scratching it with a screwdriver, nail or knife will have the same effect as a total removal.

Remember, carelessly disposing of your old number plate has serious security implications related to identity theft. So, make sure you securely dispose of old number plates when they are no more needed.

Deform the plates

As number plates are made from lightweight aluminium, you can easily modify their shapes by bending them. However, a number plate must be deformed enough for it not to be usable. Also, you can cut it into pieces if you like.

Create a work of art

This method suits those that are creative. If you are creative enough, you can convert a number plate to wall art. Sometimes, we get emotionally attached to things and do not want to dispose of them.

If that is the case, then making an artwork out of your old plate number will keep it close to you either with pictures or written words. Also, they can be turned into something handy.

Easily malleable, number plates can be moulded into different objects for use around the house like bowls. You can derive something special but it requires creativity. It is not for those that are not crafty.

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Return to the DVLA

If all the above ways to destroy an old number plate doesn’t appeal to you, why not return it to the DVLA.

While it seems stressful, it is an assured way of disposing of number plates without any form of security concern. They will take your number plates and destroy or recycle them without any hassle.

In some cases, you need to destroy the sticker before taking it to the DVLA and in other cases; you can just drop it off with them and update your records.

You will have to fill a plate surrender application physically or on their website. Note that you may be required to pay a token.