We understand how important an investment and utility your car is for you. Car theft is not just an expensive headache, but it also feels like a heart-break. Car thieves have become extremely advanced and are using the most innovative and latest equipment to steal your car. Thus it is always better to stay upgraded with the latest car protection technology.

Guidelines for car protection

There are some basic guidelines for keeping your car thieves loitering around.

  • Keeping your car doors locked is the first essential, and you must never forget this at any point in time.
  • It is also an immensely pleasant habit to keep your keys away from your car because otherwise a thief can simply break the glass window and drive.
  • Similarly, avoid keeping spare keys near your vehicle because although a spare key is useful if you get locked out, a thief might find out your keys and drive away.
  • Always remember to keep your windows locked at all times because a thief can reach out through the window and gain full access to your vehicle.
  • And last, it is always a good practice to park in well-lit areas because it can keep thieves at bay. After all, they will have a fear of being seen.

Technology for car protection

●    Steering wheel locks:

Steering wheel locks are convenient to put on and take off. Locking the steering wheel renders your vehicle immobile. Your car being prominent and visible, the only way to steal it is to carry it. Thus, prospective car thieves would not bother your vehicle.

●    Tyre and rim locks:

Tyre and rim lock shut down the wheel by holding on to them and preventing them from turning. Since they are available in various sizes, they can be used on a wide range of vehicles like trailers, lawnmowers, ATVs and RVs.

●    Car alarms:

A car alarm is an absolute essential. If your vehicle is missing an anti-theft alarm or it is dysfunctional for some reason you should buy one to ward away the thieves.

●    GPS based anti-theft devices:

Installing a GPS device in your car if your car goes lost is an excellent thing to do. You can conveniently install these devices and know about the whereabouts of your vehicle on your mobile app.

With all the necessary know-how, stay ahead of the conniving car thieves and protect your beauty efficiently.