Having a private number plate can be a great way to make your car feel more like your own, and make it a little bit personal. With a private number plate, your car will really stand out from the rest, and will make it feel brand new again!

Whether you have purchased a private number plate for yourself, are thinking about buying one, or whether you have received one as a gift, it can be confusing trying to find out how to actually register it. You’ll want to make sure that you follow all protocols and regulations to ensure that you are driving with your new plate legally. So, what’s the process? How do you register a private number plate? We are here to help you!

How to register a private number plate

The process of registering a private number plate is actually rather simple, so there’s no need to worry about it too much. But first, you need to find yourself a suitable number plate. There are countless websites that you can purchase new registration numbers from, or you can find one from an online seller.

Find your number plate

The first step is to select a number plate, or search for a particular one with the personalisation that you want. You can buy personalised number plates from the DVLA website, where you can search through available private number plates yourself, to find what you are looking for.

This website can be found here: DVLA Personalised Registrations

On the other hand, there are other legitimate websites that provide thousands of number plates, such as Swift Reg. This company can also help you handle the transfer and legal process of changing over the registration for a stress free experience.

Whichever website you buy from, just make sure that it is legal and legitimate. The seller (unless purchasing from a person) should be a registered and established number plate supplier, and you will want to ensure that your purchase is protected and secure.

Things to look out for when purchasing registration number

There are a few things that you have to keep in mind when purchasing a number plate for your vehicle. You cannot purchase a number plate that will make your car appear newer than it is, as this is not permitted by the DVLA. For instance, you are not allowed to use an 07 registration plate on a 2003 registered vehicle as this makes it appear newer than it is.

Many websites will have the option to put your current car’s registration number in, to see if the potential new number plate is suitable, and can legally be put on the car. You are also not allowed to assign a number starting with a Q or NIQ. In addition, you cannot put a private number on a Q registered vehicle. If all of these protocols are followed, you can purchase your number plate.


There are also some legal requirements that you must take into account when purchasing a private number plate. For instance, the vehicle must be registered with the DVLA in the United Kingdom. It must also be taxed, or had a SORN in place for the past 5 years, whilst also being taxed currently.

The vehicle also has to be able to move under its own power, and has to be available for inspection by the DVLA if needed. The DVLA will let you know if an inspection is required. For more information on the legalities and eligibility for private number plates, please see the UK Gov website page here.

How to change your old reg to a new one


Making a number plate

Once you have purchased a private number plate, you will be given a V750 certificate of entitlement. This document then proves that you have the right to assign that registration number to your vehicle.

If purchasing from the DVLA, you will get a V750. If you purchase from a dealer or a private seller, then you will either get a V750 document or a V778, which is a retention certificate that proves that you have the right to assign the number to your vehicle.

Once you have this document, you will need to register the plate with the DVLA, however, don’t worry… this process is free. If the vehicle is brand new, then give the dealer your V750 or V778 document, and they can apply for you.

However, if the vehicle is used, then you will need to wait for the DVLA to give you a new V5C in your name before applying online or by post. If the vehicle is registered to you, then you can register the new number plate either online or by post. All you will need is the vehicle’s log book to do so.

You can register the number plate online here but only between 7 am and 7 pm.

To register the plate by post, you will need to send the completed V750 or V778 to the address on the document, along with the log book (V5C) or new keeper slip with a V62 application.

Once the private number plate is assigned by the DVLA, you will be sent a new log book, and you will also need to have the new plates printed and applied to the vehicle before you are able to drive it. You must also inform your insurance company of the new registration number.

Then, you are all done, and free to enjoy your new, personalised number plate for your vehicle!

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