How To Spot The First Signs Of Alloy Wheel Damage?

There is a saying that prevention is always greater than cure, and the same goes for alloy wheels. But prevention can prove very difficult or sometimes impossible for alloy wheels, as identifying when your wheels aren’t right is pretty tough. Your car rims may appear to look almost as good as new on the surface, but a closer look can lead to some troublesome revelations. If not addressed promptly, minor alloy wheel damage can turn devastating, and it may cost you a small fortune to get them fixed.

So getting your alloys repaired at their initial stage of damage you need to identify their warning signs.

How to make out when you need an alloy wheel repair?

There are various signs that point towards a damaged alloy wheel. Some of them might appear surprising and often mistaken as harmless noises related to a different part of the car.

Look out for:

  • Damage to your wheel visible with naked eyes
  • Tyres pressure keeps dropping constantly
  • Vibration in steering wheel while driving
  • Unresponsive handling and braking
  • Turning the steering wheel requires more effort
  • Increased fuel fill-ups every month
  • Noises during driving

If you experience any of the above, it’s time to visit Number Plate Clinic who can determine what the exact problem is and making necessary repairs.

What causes alloy wheels damages?

Some of the common causes of damaged alloy wheels are:

  • High-impact collision
  • Bouncing against a kerb at speed
  • Going too fast over a speed bump
  • Hitting a pothole at high speed

Where to repair alloy wheel damage?

Our team at Number Plate Clinic can pinpoint problems way before they can cause considerable damage. The sooner we identify the problems, the cheaper the repairs. You can take advantage of expert advice and enjoy high-quality alloy wheel repair for a very affordable price.

For alloy wheel refurbishment, Number Plate Clinic is the best bet for you in Bolton and Manchester.

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