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Local Breakdowns Tips

You might not be in as much danger if you breakdown on quieter side roads; but breaking down anywhere is always potentially dangerous, particularly if you are obstructing other vehicles. For more Information Call us 01204534333 or Email us info@numberplateclinic.co.uk

Why Choose Us?

We offer free accident recoveries!

We can recover your vehicle from anywhere to anywhere in the UK.We have a large team of recovery drivers so the time you will have to wait is only from wherever the driver is to you!

We have recovered a range of vehicles as well a range of vans and others motors.

We guarantee to match any price. We also offer storage for up to £12 an hour storage. Local deliveries (Within 1-3 miles) only for up to £35 – Cars £45 – Suv’s £55 Van.

In Case of a Breakdown on a Busy Road Follow These Five Steps

1. Active your hazard warning lights and put on a reflective jacket (if possible). Put your sidelights on in dark, foggy or wet conditions so that other road users have a better chance of seeing your vehicle.

2. Get passengers safely away from the vehicle when the road is clear if you feel that there is a possibility of your car being hit by other road users.

3. Put up a warning triangle about 50 yards behind your vehicle on the same side of the road so that other motorists have time to prepare.

4. Phone your breakdown cover provider and wait for assistance.

5. If your vehicle is made operational again at the side of the road; make sure that you carefully retrieve your warning triangle and ensure a safe gap in the traffic before moving off.

How it Works:

You book your service with us.
You drop your vehicle off or arrange for a collection.
We get the work done and notify you when it’s done.

You come collect the vehicle once it’s completed or we can drop it off to you and you finalise payment.

Local Breakdowns Tips

We Cover Breakdown in The Following Locations

We cover breakdown in Manchester, Bolton, Bury, Blackburn in Liverpool and towns such as Horwich, Tottington, Heywood, Farnworth, Walkden, Radcliffe, Ramsbottom, Chorley, Belmont, etc.

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