You are expected to replace your number plates due to the new DVLA motor regulations. Now, your vehicle must have a visible number plate that doesn’t infringe the laws and regulations of number plates guiding the use of number plates according to the Motor Car Act. Also, the registration number must be clean and visible to the ANPR cameras.

That means, if you are spotted with broken, damaged, faded, irreparably dirty number plates, you have failed to follow the rules of the DVLA, and you need a replacement as soon as possible. Let’s take you through the journey on all you need to know to get new number plates.

Why do you need replacement number plates?

There are many reasons to acquire replacement number plates ranging from loose number plates to worn off laminations to peeling off of the numbers on it. If these reasons are ignored, it might incur more cost through fine in the future. Theft could also be a major player in getting replacement number plates as it has become common practice. Car thieves can easily display stolen number plates passing them off as authentic and this is why it will serve you well to get new anti-theft number plates. You wouldn’t want to fail your MOT test, would you? Because that is one issue that can arise with stolen number plates.

How do you get replacement number plates?

This process becomes less tedious than before. All you need to do is to contact your number plate supplier and present your documents for identification, registration, work details, address etc. Then, you will be able to select a design for your number plates after a thorough check of the documents.

As per the new rules by DVLA, number plates have to follow the latest guidelines. Number plates must be reflective and be easily picked by the ANPR cameras. Black characters on white background epitomize the front plates while the rear plates must have black characters on a yellow background. Other kinds of design on the background are not allowed. Single-coloured 4D plates are allowed but two-tone number plates and 3D plates are not allowed under new guidelines of the DVLA.

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Where can you get replacement number plates?

There are several names in the replacement number plates industry. Many companies offer high-quality number plates that can stand the test of time. The number plates have to be water-resistant, shatterproof, highly reflective, and protected against excessive sunlight to avoid fading away. This is what we offer at Number Plate Clinic. We are recognised by the DVLA which means you are going to get a high-quality service and product. We have the latest designs for you to choose from.

Can I purchase new number plates online?

Of course! It is available online and as a licensed supplier, we can provide optimally manufactured replacement number plates to avoid issues of theft and avoidable costs or fines associated with displaying number plates in a way that is against the standard of the law. Number plates that are not up to the required standards can easily attract a fine of up to £1000; this makes the replacement of number plates imperative.

There have been plans by the government to find a way of applying new regulations to the replacement number plates industry and shifting from the current BS AU 145d to BS AU 145e. As one of the leading suppliers of number plates, we allow easy modification of number plates so that you can be on the legal side of the law. However, this liberty does not cover show plates because it is not under the DVLA regulation due to their flamboyant usage.

How much do replacement number plates cost?

How much replacement number plates cost depends solely on the style and type you fancy. Although enhanced plates like 3D and 4D styles cost more due to their fancifulness, a legal number plate can’t cost less than £16 and auto retailers can also fit them for as low as £5 in cases of assistance. Anti-theft number plates are even more expensive though as they are specially designed to foil attempts from thieves. If there’s any unauthorized attempt to remove the plate is made, it breaks into pieces.

What style number plate do you need?

There are options for you to choose from depending on your taste. Shapes ranging from square to large rear sizes are available for purchase. We have a wide variety of license plates in standard shapes for cars like SUV and super mini cars. Our stock also contains model-specific plates of different materials, text style, badges and borders. Customer satisfaction is what we strive to achieve as we deliver our products within the space of 48 hours.

What documents do I need for Replacement Number Plates?

To replace your number plates, you need to present the right documents to your local store to get your new plates. The law requires you to present current proof of identity and entitlement to the registration mark quoted to easily process your replacement number plates. You don’t have the opportunity to verify your documents in store if you purchased your plates online.

Can I Buy A Number Plate Without A Car?

There can be reasons for you to pick up a number plate while you don’t own a car yet. For example, you might be saving up to purchase a new car but in the process see a personalized plate you are attracted to and would like to get it before another person does. This is possible and acceptable.

Number plates with alphanumeric characters are attractive and you might want to purchase them as a form of investment to sell on at a later period when a suitable buyer shows up. You can also use a replacement number plate as a gift for a friend or family member. For instance, a family member has just passed their driving test. Whatever the reason is, be informed that you can buy a number plate without owning a car.

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