We all know the popularity of alloy wheels with car owners and manufacturers. But a very common question among car owners is which tyres fit well with an alloy wheel. One phrase you would have come across when buying tyres is ‘low profile tyre’. So what is this low-profile tyre and what are its pros and cons. We will explain in this blog what a low profile tyre is and how does it benefit you to fit them on your alloy wheels.

What is a Low Profile Tyre?

A low-profile tyre refers to the size of the tyre sidewalls in relation to the thread that connects your car with the road. These tyres have shallower sidewall than normal tyres and are usually fitted to a larger diameter alloy wheel. Low-profile tyres are preferable in higher performance car models of any brand however that is not stopping car owners from fitting bigger alloy wheels with low-profile tyres on a standard model as well.

Benefits of Low Profile Tyres

  • Are there any benefits of having a low profile tyre on your alloy wheel? Let have a look:
  • They are a cost-effective upgrade that gives an ordinary car model a sharper look. Low-profile tyres are fitted on larger diameter alloy wheel which enhances the appearance of any car.
  • Low-profile tyres improve car handling as it provides extra grip. Extra grip and effectiveness of the suspension help your car go faster around corners but keeps your car stable.
  • Cars fitted with larger alloy wheels and low-profile tyres produce better performance.

Disadvantages Of Low Profile Tyres

The major influence of a low profile tyre is to increase the aesthetic value of your car, but do they provide a comfortable ride? Lets us look at the disadvantages of a low profile tyre:

  • You cannot put low profile tyres on standard wheels as they will play havoc with your car systems like odometer and speedometer. It also affects the gearing system and makes your car sits lower, which increases the risk of the car’s underbelly scraping over speed bumps.
  • Less sidewall means less cushion of air to absorb bumps, making your ride bumpy and uncomfortable on bad roads. It lowers the quality of the ride to a great percentage.
  • Tyres absorb a high percentage of the impact when hitting a pothole or a kerb. With a low profile tyre, the percentage decreases making your alloy wheel and suspension take a part of the shock and vibration, making them more susceptible to damages.

Having low profile tyres increases your budget for wheel maintenance. You will have to buy yourself a set of brand new larger alloy wheels to complement your low profile tyres, which is costly.