So, you have decided to buy a fashionable number plate to distinguish your favorite car from others, right? Great! The conventional number plates are indeed out of fashion. Choosing the modern and trendy one can keep you stay upgraded. But are you sure the number plates you have chosen are legal?

It is indeed difficult for the inefficient car owners to find out whether the number plate they are buying is legal or not. The number plate shops often scam the buyers by selling the fancy number plates that are illegal. Are you scared of keeping yourself upgraded with the latest number plate only because you might get scammed? If yes, then this content is for you. Know what number plates are illegal or what makes a number plate illegal, before you customize your number plate.

  1. The wrong color:

According to DVLA, you should never use a color that reflects. The registration plate should have black characters on a white background on the front and yellow on the back.

  1. Spacing mistakes:

Incorrect spacing can also make your number plate illegal. The correct spacing should be like XY11 ABC.

  1. Fancy background:

If the background of the numbers is not in plain colour or if there are stickers that ruin the legibility, you might face trouble.

  1. The wrong font:

The font of the number plate should always be in the prescribed font or in a font that is similar to it. So, the zigzag font is not acceptable.

Customizing your number plate is a great way to distinguish your car from others. However, before doing that, make sure you know everything, that might make your number plates illegal. You can also solve the problem by choosing a good and reputable number plate shop online. Unable to find a clinic that can offer you the best and legal number plate? Count on us today! Our 3D and 4D number plates would give your car a complete makeover!