Modifications for Focus ST

The number of modifications you can do with your Focus ST is endless – such as stunning plates for cars! You can change almost anything from your shifts to your engine. What to change is hugely based on preference. Whatever your choice is, be it performance, power, or speed, you are covered.  

In contrast to what you might think, these modifications come cheap. The items for the modification are affordable. You can make as many changes as you want without breaking your budget.  Besides, you do not need a mechanic to install them. Many processes that would change your ST are more comfortable than you imagined.  

In this article, we will review each of these items. You might wonder why a particular part you have in mind didn’t make the list. The items here are carefully selected to meet three standards. The components here are easy to install, cheap, and most effective at the same time.  

focus st modification1. Stainless Steel Brake Lines 

Let’s start with the hardest of all. Your regular brake lines are made with rubber. The problem here is the flexibility of rubber. As you apply your brakes, a lot of pressure is passed through the brake fluids. You need this pressure so your brake pads can hold the rotor firmly. Unfortunately, most of this pressure is lost as the rubber expands. 

Stainless steel lines, unlike rubber, do not expand so much. This quality means that you have more pressure for your pads to hold the rotor.  

Of all the items you will find here, this one is the most difficult to install. That shouldn’t be an issue, though. You will find many instructional videos on YouTube that would put you through. Also, the tools you need are basic. Things might get a bit messy as you would have to bleed your brake. 

Generally speaking, it’s one of those mods that you would enjoy. The effects are instant and evident.   

2. Intake Manifold Spacer

Compared with other cars, changing the intake manifold spacer of your FT is easy. People who have done this modification in other vehicles might describe it as too good to be true. The intake manifold comes with five bolts. Interestingly, all five bolts are easy to access. All you need is to unscrew the bolts, put the new spacer, and return the bolts.  

Replacing your intake manifold spacer will increase the length of your intake runners. Increasing the length will raise the speed of air coming in. It will also improve the torque moderately. This modification is one of the easiest and cheapest that affects power. 

3. LED Lights

Changing the lights in your FT is just as easy as changing a bulb in your house. You can replace the lights with other different types like blinkers, dome lights, etc. Of all the brands available to you, LED lights are the best.  

Firstly, LEDs give your car a better look. The interior would feel different afterwards. You get to see the road and approaching cars more clearly. On the outside, your car would be more visible. It could also count as a facelift for your car as it adds to the style. 

4. Spark Plugs 

If you are more interested in power, spark plugs are essential. The health of your running motor is directly dependent on your spark plugs. Even if you are not all that about power, you will still need to change your plugs at intervals. You should consider getting better ones anyway.

All you need is a socket wrench, a plug socket, and an extension. Go on and remove the engine’s plastic covering. Using the spark plug, remove the old plugs, and fix the new ones. Spacing the plug might be challenging, especially if it’s your first time. It is not a big deal as you will find cheap tools to help you do that in stores around you.     

5. Shift Knob

This modification should pass as the easiest on the list. If you can not do it, you probably should not be thinking about modification at all.

One would think changing it would not have any significant benefits. However, there’s more to it than you thought. More massive knobs allow the lever to travel smoothly through the gates with little force.  

Taller knobs do not need as much leverage because you are moving through the gears directly.  

Knobs made with Delrin are smoother. On warmer days, the material stays cool and won’t burn your hands.

Lastly, changing the knob can also lift the aesthetics of your car. Whatever your reason, shift knobs go a long way. 

6. Air Filter

Changing your air filter is easy and essential. You may have done it before. All you need is to open the airbox and replace the filter with a new one.

If you swap it with a new one of high quality, you might not need new air filters again. The filters that come with your car have restricted airflow. They only take in air by the sides. Performance filters, on the other hand, allow more airflow. They do this with a secondary air inlet placed around the top of the filter. In addition to the increased airflow, your turbos will spool faster.   

7. Hood Struts

Changing your hood struts takes only three steps with basic tools. First, you open the hood. Next, remove the old struts and then connect the new one. Yes, it’s that easy. 

A good hood strut allows you to work on your car’s hood with ease. It makes other tasks in the car’s hood easy to accomplish. Tasks like changing the oil can now be done with ease. With this replacement, all you need is to open the hood and close it. 

8. Rear Motor Mount

Installing this would only take about 30 minutes of your time. Essential tools are all you need to do this. However, you will need to get under your car to do it. 

Its function is to keep the motor’s movement away from the engine area. This is just another way of saying it does a lot of moving. It is one crucial modification as it improves position traction. Besides, shifting is smoother, and the driver feel is enhanced.

9. Front Air Scoop 

While it is easy, it is tricky as well. Removing it requires a great deal of attention to detail. However, it is the hardest part of the process. Returning the air scoop is straightforward, though.

This modification is effective for power and efficiency. It reduces intake temperature and makes air molecules denser.  

10. Rear Sway Bar

Depending on the car model, sway bars can be difficult to replace. Fortunately, it’s easy with Focus ST. First, remove the nuts on both ends of the link. Also, remove the bushing brackets in the middle. Then, you can easily pull out the bar and replace it. 

For a car of its size, Focus ST is quite light and fast. But then, there are always one or two things to improve. A more durable sway bar is a reasonable modification for any car with front-wheel drive. The overall response of the vehicle is enhanced alongside its production efficiency.

11. Short Shift Adapter

Installing the short shift adapter takes place in the engine bay. The car needs to be on the ground while it is done. Some essential tools, along with elbow grease, are what it takes to install. The process involves removing shifter cables. 

The process would give you a different shifting experience. The distance needed to shift to the next gear would be reduced. That means quicker shifts, which means better performance and speed.

12. Blow Off Valve

Installing this part might be a little challenging. At the same time, it’s not the hardest to fix. The process will take a bit of your time. Therefore, you will need a lot of patience. 

In terms of effectiveness, you have two options. You can decide to pick something just like the old BOV. That way, you don’t make noise while driving. Alternatively, you can go all out with a kit that runs with a larger turbo. That way, you discharge more air and also a lot of noise. 

13. E Tune

Not everyone can use an E tune. To use one, your ST must have a tuning device. For example, Cobb Access post or something similar to it. Off the shelf, maps are often better than those that come preinstalled with your vehicle. 

You can use them for many different scenarios. Custom tuning makes your ST faster, and it would also extract more torque and power. You should also note that they are not perfect. 

14. Sound Symposer Delete

Using the necessary tools, you can fix this directly from the top of the engine. Even though you might not notice any change afterwards, it plays two functions.

Firstly, it cleans solid plastic from the sound symposer. As a result, a vacuum or boost port is created. It is useful for blowoff valves or vacuum blocks.  

15. Oil Pan 

Every ST owner should have it on their list. You get to swap the old oil drain plug with a new one. The more modern plug allows you to fix a fitting for faster draining. The process is easy and fast. All it takes is to remove and fit a replacement.  

The procedure would make the process of changing oil faster, easier, and cleaner. You would not need to worry about lost plugs. Your oil would no longer splash around. You are in control, and you can point the oil in the direction you want.  

16. Floor Mats 

So, we end with the easiest of them all. It is so easy. Even kids can replace them. 

Even though it doesn’t qualify as a modification, it is crucial for cleanliness. It keeps the floors clean at all times, especially for people in places with rough winter seasons. 

You can make your Focus ST the best version of itself. The modification that we have explained above will make your car run better. The best thing is they are easy to do.

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