Chinese electric-car maker Nio has become seemingly known in the electric vehicle (EV) industry due to its range of new electric cars and unrivaled battery-making and swapping technology. Nio is a Chinese startup carmaker that has become a valuable brand in a short period. Founded in 2014, it was formerly ‘NextEV’ and named its first quad-motor supercar the EP9. The EP9 produces 1,341hp from its four motors, just some hp short of a 1,500hp Bugatti Chiron which means it can go from 0mph to 60mph in just 2.7 seconds.

How does Nio compare to Tesla?

What distinguishes this product from others is neither the price tag nor the speed, but its recharging capabilities, and it’s a feature that has become predominant in all of Nio’s new SUVs and saloons cars.

  • Battery life

When batteries go flat in a typical Tesla electric car, you need to recharge by taking it out of the car, which consumes time as even the super-fast public chargers can take up to half an hour to boost an EV battery up to 80% complete. And fast-charging cannot be used regularly as it can damage the battery. But Nio’s technology is so versed that it has found a way to boost its cars from 0-100% in less than 10 minutes employing the method of swappable batteries. All it will take is to visit a special Nio garage and make a swap for a fully charged one. First-hand, Nio’s car owners, have the opportunity of making this swap for free but second-hand buyers pay for the service rendered in the model of Tesla Supercharger. This doesn’t take five minutes, and it isn’t expensive. However, you can also use a public Charging point if you do not want to swap the batteries.

One of the reasons their cars are pretty cheap is that they can sell them without batteries. You can buy or rent the batteries separately and still get the same quality. It costs about £108 a month. Nio’s cheapest car -ES6 SUV is cheaper with this plan as compared to Tesla Model Y. Nio’s ES6 costs £40,000 in China, almost £2,000 more than the Tesla Model Y. Still, without purchasing the battery, you get a discount of £7,700 which makes it more than £5,500 cheaper. This is one reason why a third of Nio car owners prefer to go for this plan. It offers flexibility.

  • Recharge

Another thing that sets Nio’s cars apart is their easy access to a fleet of rescue vans with built-in chargers. They will come to your rescue anywhere whenever you are stranded. Again, with the latest WLTP range tests, Tesla’s Model Y goes for 314 miles on a charge. It is considerably lower than Nio’s ES6, which can top 380 miles per charge as confirmed by the old NEDC range tests, but assuredly, it should still top 260 miles on a charge in real-world driving.

  • Range

As stated earlier, the ES6 has one of the fastest ‘Performance’ versions with 550hp, which means it can go from 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds. There is a version that is considered even faster- the EC6, which does 0-60mph in about 4.5 seconds, a second slower than the fastest Tesla Model Y Performance. As compared to Tesla’s Model X, Nio developed its version of the seven-seat Model X (ES8), which goes for about £50,000 in China and has roughly 300 miles of range. Nio is majorly about making fast cars with the most extended range complemented with the best tech.

They don’t just make SUVs; recently, it launched a brand-new saloon named the ET7 or the Model S. Its features are up there with the best cars in the electric vehicle market. The fastest version of this car shifts from 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds. Although slower than the latest Model S Plaid, which can go from 0-60mph in 1.99 seconds, it can still rival the new BMW M4. The latest WLTP tests place Tesla Model S Long Range at 412 miles on a charge,and the Plaid + at 520 miles is almost 600 miles of range when converted to the NEDC figure. Nio places the ET7 at a higher range of 620 miles between charges, more than what most petrol and diesel cars can do. Nio batteries take the same amount of time to swap no matter how big they are, making their vehicles highly reliable. How many vehicles does NIO make in a year? On average, Nio releases a new car once every 18 months. To their growth in China, the number of battery swaps they have done over the years is over 650,000 at their battery stations, and they have sold over 50,000 cars. They have made five cars within the period of their establishment compared to Tesla’s six who have been around for more than 13 years. So who is who in EVs in China? The world’s largest auto market is China. Home grown electric vehicle makers include Nio, Li Auto, and Xpeng. They are all on an upward sales trajectory evidenced by government data which showed a 4.4% surge in the deliveries of pure electric vehicles from January through November. Although these numbers are high, they are still way short of Tesla. Tesla can produce over 250,000 vehicles yearly and is mobilizing towards that goal.

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Why Nio is a viable investment

It has been a spectacular year for Nio (NYSE: NIO) stock. An increase in the number of investors has consequently seen a 1,400% increase in shares since the turn of the year. While China has seen its fair share of fraud cases over the years, Nio has grown in stature as company size doesn’t influence fraud. These are the ways to understand how legitimate their stocks are.

  • Underlying economic strength

A thorough examination of a company will give you an insight into its activities. A deceptive company will skip numbers to deceive investigators, making it seem like they have customers. Tesla’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) Model 3 sales in China have remained somewhat flat since May, but Chinese rivals XPeng (NYSE: XPEV) and Li Auto (NASDAQ: LI) saw 165% and 31% quarter- over-quarter growth rates in the same period. The central Chinese government doesn’t publish vehicle registration statistics, rather state-sponsored organizations report car sales, and the EVs
market saw an 11% decrease in 2020. So, Nio could be worth the hassle but satisfy your curiosity before investing.

  • Non-Standard Metrics

Another way companies manipulate investors is through unconventional metrics. There are mixed results when it comes to using metrics. NIO publishes its GAAP figures, including sales, margins, and profits, and focuses on vehicle deliveries which are an unusual metric for investors. NIO delivers vehicles before payment, but Tesla does otherwise. There can be forward sales in the process, so be on the lookout.

  • Profit

Before investing, make sure you make your decisions based on enough data. Trust your gut feelings. When you do not feel right, don’t invest. Do not rely only on the face value of profit- making, although an empty store of a Company should be a cue to stay away.

4 things you do not know about Nio?

  • Startup

Nio got introduced to the American market in September 2018 garnering over $1 billion in revenue. Firstly as a traded company, it traded as high as $6.93 for a reasonable pop. Subsequently, its IPO valuation was sought at three times higher.

  • Record breaker

Nio was sitting pretty at the top after its first successful IPO, with a new Guinness World Record when on Sept. 24, 2018, the Nio ES8 ascended the Purog Kangri glacier in Tibet up to an altitude of 18,751 feet, to set a record for the highest altitude achieved in an electric car. This action was a statement of intent from the company as regards altitude and extreme cold.

  • Emerging force

Still, in its early stages of development in the competitive EV market, Nio recognized that the lack of available charging stations might become a barrier to success. This has made the company work towards making available various recharging options like making available its Power Home solution by installing charging stations at homes of customers when feasible. However, Nio has over 300,000 public charging stations across China and over 480 fast-charging trucks known as NIO Power Mobile. Battery swapping is also available in over 20 cities to their customers.

  • Global venture

The company is making strides to become a global venture as quickly as possible by drawing and using a vast pool of talents available worldwide. Their employee cohort is diverse as some focus primarily on software development. In contrast, others focus on race car management, strategic management, supercar development, and product and brand design.

Final thoughts

Catching up with Tesla hasn’t been an easy ride. Companies fighting for supremacy in China’s electric vehicle market specify in different technologies to better their vehicles. They have been supported with subsidies, looser restrictions, and the building out of charging infrastructure. Contact Numberplateclinic for your unique number plate. We have an extensive collection of plate styles, design, and sizes.