For many years, if your number plate spelt out a name or resembled a well-known word, it was simply a matter of luck.

Issued by the DVLA without consideration for this, getting a plate now considered popular was a completely random coincidence.

Over time, dealers in second-hand number plate Birmingham began to see trends in the kinds of plates people were buying and the amounts of money they were willing to part with to purchase them.

Some plates were clearly viewed as being more valuable than others and dealers in plates began buying and selling them on some attributes.

While what makes a number plate valuable can depend on the purchaser’s perspective, there are some clear reasons why some registrations are more sought-after than others.

Number plates may be bought and sold for significant amounts for a variety of reasons.

What Is The Value Of My Number Plate?

To get an idea of your number plate’s value, the first step is considering the desired qualities in registrations and see if yours ticks any of the boxes.

Demand is the main factor affecting the price a plate may sell for. The more buyers are interested in your registration, the higher the amount you’ll receive for it. You may fund you have potential buyers competing to purchase your number plate Birmingham and this can drive up the selling price.

The age of the number plate can also be a crucial factor in finding how valuable the plate is. The earliest number plates, sometimes referred to as dateless plates are often highly desirable.

Unlike the current registrations issued, as well as the prefix and suffix style plates that preceded them, these plates include no age indicator. For car owners, who wish to keep the vehicle’s age a secret, this can be a powerful selling point.

How Do I Value My Number Plate?

The first step in selling a number plate is to make sure you get an accurate valuation of its worth.

Valuing a number plate on your own can take time, patience and in-depth research. A far faster and easier way to complete the process is getting expert assistance from a number plate specialist.