In the UK, the law states that every car must be fitted with proper number plates. For some car owners, the standard registration number that the car comes with is quite boring. Now, those who wish to style up their cars and show off some status can opt for number plates online Birmingham.

Whether you think it to be a silly extravagance or just something cool, the trend of private number plates won’t die anytime soon.

What To Know About Personalized Number Plates?

In easy words, customized number plates are registrations that have been purchased by a car owner to replace the original plates. They often come in the form of letters and numbers that actually spell out a name or just a word.

If you can get a customized registration number, you have the right to assign it to a car that’s registered in your name or to the person you nominate.

Are There Rules For Personalized Number Plates?

There’s no doubt that customized numbers plates are fun. However, there are certain rules you must abide to. You can’t just request an old combination of numbers or letters that actually suit you.

In fact, some number plates have been removed from the system as those were quite rude! What you need to know here is that the number plate must exist with the DVLA in their database. Also, you must ensure that it shouldn’t be owned by anyone else.

TYPE                          FORMAT                                            YEAR

Dateless                   1234 AB or 1 AB                                       Pre-1963

Suffix                            ABC 123A                                             1963-1983

Prefix                             A123 ABC                                            1983-2001

Current                         AB51 ABC                                          2001-Present

How to get Customized Number Plate?

If you think of getting hands-on a customized number plate, there are three main things you can consider:

  • Buy one directly from the DVLA
  • Get it from a private dealer
  • Work with a broker to find and put an offer on one you want.

The personal number plates must be made of reflective material, with the front plate consisting of black characters on the white background and vice versa. Also, all kinds of background patterns are against the rules.