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Carbon Number Plates

Did you buy a new car? You are probably thinking about which type of number plate to use for your vehicle that would make it stand out on any occasion. Then, you are ultimately in need of a carbon number plate!

This number plate is one of the fastest-rising and most used 3D gel plates in the UK. Why not give up the idea of buying the standard plate number and explore the concept of a car-befitting 3D carbon plate?

What is a Carbon Number Plate?

A carbon number plate is one of the many stylish ways to display your car registration number. The three-dimensional appearance of this number plate makes it stand out from the usual white or yellow reflective plate.

These number plates are also made from high-gloss ABS acrylic plates. It raises the characters—the numbers and letters are raised from the plate to produce a three-dimensional appearance.

The materials used in producing these three-dimensional number plates are high-grade reflective and high-gloss ABS acrylic plates.

Are Carbon Number Plates Legal?

Even though these three-dimensional number plates are stylish and attractive, the question remains: is it legal? As long as the number plates follow the Motor Car Act, carbon 3D plates or 4D plates are permitted.

The number plates that are going to be used on your car must adequately display your registration number using the standard black numbers and letters. They must be written in the Charles Wright font.

One other important rule that must be adhered to is that the registration must be displayed on a white plate in front of the car and a black one in the back. If the plates are made using any other colour, background pattern, or font, they are rendered illegal.

Getting Your New Carbon Plates Online

These number plates are made with materials that would transform your number plates from being just an afterthought on your car to a real component of the vehicle. Buy a carbon number plate today to make your car look more stylish, attractive, and modern! We’re available now to talk about choosing your next novelty number plate.

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