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Are you confused about the choice of number plates to use because of the numerous restrictions on standard car number plates? Do you want to explore a little different option? Then, it would help if you had gel resin number plates

This number plate is one of the many designs that can make your car stand out from the other standard and regularly printed number plates.  Why not explore the chance to give your car a unique and different plate from the regular number plate? You can trade your typical standard number plates for an extra cool gel resin plate.

What is a Gel Resin Number Plate?

A gel resin number plate is one of the many attractive and modern ways to display your registration number on your car. The finishing of this number plate makes it different from the ordinary yellow or white reflective plate.

This number plate is made by sheet cutting the number and letters and numbers of the number plate. It is then covered them in polyurethane gel resin and attached to the premium acrylic backing plates. The gel resin plates are always handcrafted.

The process of making the plate characters gives the number plate a three-dimensional and domed effect with a custom finish of high gloss piano black (which can also be called the super shiny black finish). The custom finish turns your number plate into a real component of your car and not an afterthought.

The gel resin on the number plate can withstand all the normal rigours of driving and motoring. It has been made to be scratchproof and resilient to external forces such as branches, stones, and other debris that can be found on the road.

The gel resin is also weatherproof, which allows it to be durable, even against the effect of the ultraviolet light or water from the road. It is also durable against expansion and contraction, which could be caused by icy and frosts temperatures.

Are Gel Resin Number Plates Legal?

One question asked by a lot of people who want to decide on getting a gel resin plate for their car is if the number plates are legal for use on the UK road.

Gel resin number plates are legal. As long as your number plate complies with all the required specifications, then the gel plate does not go against the law.

The specifications of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is that it is acceptable to have three-dimensional lettering on your number plates.

You cannot make changes to the size of the letters and numbers or the spaces between them, but the shiny three-dimensional lettering on the number plate should not get you pulled over by a Police officer or failing your MOT test.


Gel resin number plates would stand out on any occasion, especially when the light is on them. It makes the number plate a sight to behold, and it can impress anyone that is still making use of a regular number plates.

The gel resin plates would compliment any vehicle. Get one today!  We’re available now to talk about choosing your next novelty number plate.

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