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Cool Novelty Number Plates

Do you have number plates for your vehicles? If yes, well, that’s great. But you can do much more. We can help you create a cool number plate for your car.

Whatever ideas you have, we would be able to make it a reality for you. Novelty number plates are becoming more commonplace. You can have your cool number plates delivered to your doorstep tomorrow when you get it made from us.

Why should you buy your cool show number plates from us?

There are a lot of things you can do with fancy, decorative plates and we can do all of it. Do you want to design something yourself? Is there a picture you want to use for your cool number plates? We can work with any idea. The possibilities are limitless.

Some of the advantages of getting your fake number plates from us include;

  • We have lots of colours and fonts. You can also use images and coloured backgrounds on your decorative number plates.
  • You can also call and describe what you want on your fancy number plates if you cannot design it.
  • Our prices are affordable
  • Novelty show number plates are not affiliated to DVLA. Therefore, you cannot display these plates as registration numbers on your vehicle.
  • You can get real number plates from us too if you are looking for something serious.

We can give you any design you want to display in your window, garage, and anywhere you want. You can also use our fancy number plates for signage. You would love it!

Buying novelty number plates online from Number Plate Clinic

We fulfil every design request sent to us. Regardless of what you want to do with the number of plates, to gift a friend or for a mobility scooter, we will ensure we give you that image you have in your mind. You can have all your imaginations brought to life.

Novelty number plates are not legally assigned to vehicles. Therefore, you must know how to identify the fake ones. You can look at our number plate pages to understand how the formats of legal UK registration plates. If the number plates do not fit into those formats, it is most likely that the number plates are fake and illegal.

We will manufacture your cool novelty number plates for you if you use them the right way. You will be held responsible and liable for how you use the show number plates we make for you. We will not be held accountable for any consequences of misuse of the number plates as we can’t determine where you display them.

We’re available now to talk about choosing your next novelty number plate.

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