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Short Number Plate

A short number plate has to do with purchasing an old registration number and reassigning it to a new car. An expert must handle the process of number plate shortening.

It must maintain the standards set by the Driver and Vehicle Licence Agency (DVLA). Character size and shape cannot be altered, but the width of the plate can be lowered to suit your registration.

The following are a few things you need to know about short number plates:

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Are Short Number Plates Illegal In The UK?

No, they are not. Short number plates are done through the technology of laser cutting but still maintain the size of your registration. It is legal on the road. Not only that, but it also sticks to the exact measurements of spacing specified by DVLA.

The specified size of a standard plate number is 520 mm by 111 mm. This size is the style displayed by all new vehicles in the UK. However, a shortened personal plate number is also legal. It adheres to the law that every registration must have at least one letter and one number to be legal.

What Are The Benefits Of A Shortened Plate Number?

A smaller-sized plate number can enhance the beauty of your car and make it more appreciative. Perfect work done by a professional plate number cutter can improve the artistic appearance of your vehicle. It makes for a more attractive display and can be done to match the design of the car.

This customisation can be done with a diagonal side cut, which ensures it takes less space on the vehicle. Despite all these artistic customisations, the rules guiding the registration numbers are maintained.

The height of the alphanumeric is fixed and can not be altered. However, the space width can be cut to create a more beautiful state-of-the-art plate number.

A short plate number can help you keep the age of your car private. It doesn’t have an age indicator, unlike the regular plate number. They are also classic because they come from an older time.

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