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Show Plates To Make Your Car Stand Out!

show plates uk

Show Plates By Number Plate Clinic

Looking for the best show plates for your car? We have everything you need for putting your car on show. Show plates are specially designed to reflect your specific style and requirements. It’s a perfect complement to your particular type of car. As the name implies, it is merely for show, and at such, it’s not legal road number platesThis fact means that you can’t flaunt the on UK roads after you buy them.

show plates uk

What are Show Number Plates?

A car show plate does not display the registration mark on your vehicle. Our show plates are also made from the same high-quality materials as our 4D number plates.

 You can decide to add more graphics style since it’s not a legal road plate. Consequently, there is no need to use standard spacing, or fonts in cutting the characters. It’s a good way of promoting your brand or just having a cleaner look on the car compared to standard plates when it comes down to off road aesthetics.

As one of the best UK supplier of number plates, you are guaranteed of the best attractive design in the market.

Show number plates are usually used for non-road cars and show cars in a garage. They do not conform to the guidelines of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. So, you don’t want to try driving it outside!

show number plates

Show Plates Versus Number Plates?

Show plates are created for your car’s novelty and of course for decoration. But here’s the thing: They’re are not allowed legally on the road for driving.

Let’s find out more!

Show plates don’t have any legal purpose and they aren’t subject to any regulations. So, why do so many people choose to buy show plates? Well, you can custom make them such as picking; colour, design, and background that you can’t with number plates.

What can my Show Plate Look Like?

top show platesSince a show plate is not a legal road plate, you can choose flexible designs, more than a legal road plate. It can be done in several ways using different fonts, borders, slogan batches, registration layout, and more. 

You can use our online number plate maker to get a full grasp of the numerous designs at your disposal. You can never go wrong with our show plate because you can achieve your highest imagination with our show plates. Just don’t forget that they are not meant for the road. 

As a well-known supplier, we will deliver your show plates within 48 hours of your order. Don’t forget that you can also get a legal number plates from us.

Are Show Plates Legal?

pressed show platesA show plate is made to create a registration plate that allows you to add your desired custom designs. These plates are illegal for the road. When you want to buy show plates, don’t throw your money away by contacting guys who will sell you illegal plates without asking for your DVLA document or ID.

Can I have Motorcycle Show Plates?

motorbike show platesMotorcycle show plates are gradually becoming popular as car show plates. We provide a wide range of options for show plates, just like our legal road plates. Feel free to use our online plate maker builder to create your desired motorcycle show plates. It will be supplied to you in not more than 48 hours.

You can choose either our 3D gel or our 4D neon text for your motorcycle show plates. Apart from motorcycle show plates, you can design numerous registration plates with our online plate builder. Be rest assured of the immediate supply of the design you choose!

Can I get Road Legal Plates from you?

road legal show platesAs a registered supplier, we produce 100% legal road plates according to the British standard. You can use the same online plate builder to create your legal road plates. It will be considered a standard number plate when you insert a registration mark. 

We also offer private registrations as a registered supplier. Just make the order and see us get you your desired road legal plate.

Why should you buy from us?

  • We provide quality materials and excellent service.
  • We are the best in the UK when it comes to customer service.
  • Premium laser cutting equipment.
  • Adhesive backing
  • Next day delivery service.

Do well to order for any of our plate registration numbers, and we will deliver the best quality to you.

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