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Our 3D number plates are made with the highest quality and have a premium finish that will last for years. The effect of 3D plates is achieved by adding polyurethane resin gel onto sheet cut characters, giving them a raised effect that catches the eye and makes a registration stand out. Our 3D plates are made with ultra-strong, tried-and-tested adhesive to ensure the lettering withstands rain, wind, and speedbumps.

Our 3D number plates are road legal and made to comply with DVLA standards. Start by registering the number plate you want us to make, then come to us with your idea and we’ll handle the rest. You can customise your choice of plate by setting the number of layers and choosing from various gel colours. The subtle coloured gel effect adds just a touch of colour to your plate without affecting its legality, so you can still use it safely on the road.

Select a plate option to get started and choose your customisation options from there. Our options below are varied, but if you’ve got a fresh idea or want to get our thoughts on a special request, please don’t hesitate to get in touch right away.

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