Covid-19 has made us very conscious of sanitisation and cleanliness. We are keeping our surrounding clean and have sanitised ourselves more frequently.

Apart from all the other things we sanitise and clean regularly, we also need to sanitise and disinfect our car after every journey to contain the spread of contamination.

We have developed some good habits because of Covid-19 and suggest that we keep this habit of regularly cleaning your car even after this pandemic is long gone.

Benefits of a Clean Car

Not just because of Covid-19 but a clean car even during normal days has many benefits such as:

  • Improved interior air quality of cars
  • Lower the chances of allergies
  • Removes unpleasant odours and prevent mould
  • A clean car is a healthy car
  • Increases comfort level and improves the driving experience

A Thorough Deep Clean And Car Sanitising

Follow the following steps to give a thorough deep clean to your car and also a satisfying sanitisation to disinfect your car or every virus and germ.

  • Before you start the cleaning and sanitisation process, it is very important to get yourself ready with protective gears for the process so that you are safe and do not come into direct contact with any virus or germ. Also, keep all the items ready in front of you which will help you clean and disinfect your car.
  • Remove everything that can be stripped from the interior of the car and do a thorough vacuum or cleaning.
  • Keeping water use to a minimum and wash the interior of the car using detergent or shampoo. Scrub the covers and mats with soapy water and leave them to dry by keeping all the doors open.
  • Scrub the places which come is regular contact f your hands like
    • Plastic panel
    • Handles
    • Armrest
    • Rear-view mirror
    • Central console
    • Switches
    • Levers
    • Steering wheel
    • Gearstick
    • Seat belts and seat belt clips
    • Handbrake
    • Bonnet opening lever/switch
    • Controls, buttons, and switches
    • Car radio and infotainment systems
    • Cup holders
    • Light switches
  • Spray sanitiser and disinfectants on every inch of the interior of the car
  • Give a thorough clean to the exterior of the vehicle with car wash shampoo. Wipe the excess water dry and then polish your car to give a shiny look.
  • After your car is clean, it is time you dispose everything you used for the cleaning process outside your household dustbin. Wash your clothes and take a bath.