So, you have just acquired a brand-new Range Rover, and you are keen to get the best style of a number plate that can make it look perfect? You are doing the right thing. 

Of course, Range Rovers are beautiful cars on their rights. Their unique look is enough to get people thrilled just at first glance. However, that beauty is not complete without a befitting number plate.  

In reality, not many car owners care about the shape of their number plates. The general mindset is that ‘it does not have anything to do with the overall style of the car. 

Well, it does. We’ll tell you how.

Range Rover number plates come in different shapes – that is also true of other larger vehicles, including SUVs. And, I want to tell you that the number plate builders did not do that merely to provide more comprehensive options. Instead, they made different options that allow Range Rover owners to get the right one that will perfectly fit the large recess ta the back and front of their cars.

That means you are obliged to get the right number plate to fit the contours both at the front and back.

Number plates enhance the appearance of a Range Rover and make it stand out from others. Hence, when getting number plates for your Range Rover, whether it’s the standard Range Rover, Evoque, Sport, and Velar, you need to buy the right one.

What are the different styles of Range Rover number plates?

The primary two types of number plates used for Range Rover are standard and square. Meanwhile, standard in this context means a number plate that comes in the actual shape of the place where you want to fix it. 


Which one should you choose?

Since Range Rovers are sort out cars with a big area for a number plate, choosing the best style can be a little bit challenging. Do you understand what that means? Allow me to elaborate a bit.

The Range Rover number plates come in different sizes and styles. So, the right style and size you will need for your car largely depend on your model. If you don’t know, there is a slight difference between the number plate for the standard Range Rover, Evoque, Sport, and Velar. Isn’t that incredible? Yes, it is. Even though they are from the same manufacturer, they use different number plates. 

For instance, if you have the standard Range Rover that the model ranges between 2002 and 2013, the ideal number plate to put at the rear is 540mm x 160mm. For the models between 2013 and 2021, it is best to use 658mm x 168mm. It perfectly fits the ample space on the boot of your Range Rover. 


Now, that’s that correct size. What’s the best style? 

Generally, Range Rover car owners prefer the square-shaped UK number plate shape at the front. But it also looks good at the rear. Mind you; I am not recommending the standard UK style for you because that’s what others use. It is the best for you if you are driving the classic Range Rover in a true sense. 

The standard number plate for Range Rover Sport, Evoque, and velar is still the most commonly used at the rear. And, looking at the way it fills the space nicely, you can consider it your best option. 


If you check the number plate space at the rear of your Range Rover Evoque, you will notice that it has a trapezium shape. Hence, the number plate in a replica shape is called standard for Range Rovers, while the square-shaped one can fit any other large car. 

However, the best number plate style you can use for the front remains the square-shaped one. Since the front number plate space is plain, you can put a 21-inch x 6-inch on it to complete the charming look.


What could be the best number plate for your Range Rover depends on the model you have. In other words, before you choose the style, you would like to put on the front and rear number plate space, you must first consider the model.

Meanwhile, the most commonly used number plate size for a Range Rover is square-shaped number plates. However, that doesn’t mean you are restricted to a particular style. You can choose a different shape and style depending on your taste and preference.